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Cat Tree by CatsPlay

Do cats need furniture?

Do cats need furniture? YES they sure do, and this piece is a great choice.

The CatsPlay cat trees are built by hand by a team in California. The team has decades of experience constructing well-made, sturdy cat furniture.


  • Materials: wood, plush fabric
  • Assembly: minor assembly required



Do Cats Need Furniture?

When it comes to creating a thriving home environment for our feline friends, cat owners often wonder if investing in cat trees is a good idea. So, do cats need furniture? The answer is a resounding yes! Cat trees provide a dedicated space where cats can indulge their natural behaviors such as scratching, climbing, and relaxing.

Cat trees are more than just a piece of furniture; they are a cornerstone of healthy cat behavior. But do cats need furniture? With vertical posts wrapped in sisal rope and horizontal scratchers, these trees meet the natural need for cats to maintain the sharpness of their claws. This is crucial because cats scratch to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, mark their territory with scent glands in their paws, and stretch their bodies for a good stretch.

Moreover, by providing these appropriate places for scratching, you help deter your cat from scratching furniture, a common issue for many cat households. This can save your new furniture and household items from unwanted scratching, reducing the need for solutions like double-sided sticky tape or aluminum foil that can mar the look of your smooth surfaces.

For cat parents, understanding the importance of a cat’s need to scratch is the first step towards mitigating inappropriate scratching. Cat trees also serve as a safe space where cats, especially indoor cats and older cats with more sedentary lifestyles, can exercise and play, which helps to prevent behavioral issues such as aggressive behavior. The inclusion of soft paws, scratching pads, and dangling toys enhances this experience, promoting a positive association with the tree.

Cat trees also offer a variety of surfaces for scratching—sisal for those who prefer a vertical challenge and carpeted or padded areas for those who like softer, horizontal surfaces. This variety can cater to any cat’s preference, ensuring that every cat, from the energetic youngster to the laid-back senior, finds a spot that suits their scratching habits.

Choosing the right cat tree means selecting a model that fits your home and cat’s needs. With options ranging from compact scratching posts to expansive cat condos, the best choice involves considering the size of your space and the number of cats you have. Look for features like multiple levels, comfortable cat beds, and strategic locations near window seats or in a quiet corner, which can enhance your cat’s day-to-day life.

So to answer your question, do cats need furniture? My answer is YES!

Investing in a cat tree is one of the most important things cat parents can do for their pets. It’s not just about providing a scratch furniture; it’s about enriching your cat’s life with a safe place where they can express their instinctual behaviors in a humane and loving manner. Good luck finding the perfect tree—your cat will thank you for it!

What Type Of Furniture Should I Get For My Cat?

We recommend having at least two cat scratchers per cat and more if you have the space. There are lots of wall hanging scratchers on the market now and one we personally use and recommend is The 7 Ruby Road: Wall Mounted.

If you are handy or can have some attach shelves to your wall, cat shelves are another ideal piece of cat furniture to add to your collection.

A cat tree by CatsPlay is the ideal piece of furniture because your cat will also be getting an entire activity center. A tree gives climbing space, acts as a scratcher, a lounging post and even a playhouse.

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The Kitty Hollow is 12″ in diameter. The 63″ comes with a base and top that are 24″ x 24″


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