Cat Tree by CatsPlay

The CatsPlay cat trees are built by hand by a team in California. The team has decades of experience constructing well-made, sturdy cat furniture.



Do Cats Need Furniture: Cat Tree?

While no two kitties are alike, most cats felines love their own cat furniture and especially light up with their very own cat tree. It gives them a piece of their own land; territory to scratch and lounge on.

Cats enjoy climbing and most of all, basking around at the top once they get to their final destination. A cat tree or cat shelf is the ideal way for an indoor cat to exercise these natural feline instincts.

The CatsPlay line of furniture is built by hand by a team in California. The team has decades of experience constructing well-made, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing cat furniture.

The team at CatsPlay has hand-made and shipped tens of thousands of cat trees, towers, activity centers, scratching posts and condos to cat owners around the globe.


  • Materials: wood, plush fabric
  • Assembly: minor assembly required

What Type Of Furniture Should I Get For My Cat?

We recommend having at least two cat scratchers per cat and more if you have the space. There are lots of wall hanging scratchers on the market now and one we personally use and recommend is The 7 Ruby Road: Wall Mounted.

If you are handy or can have some attach shelves to your wall, cat shelves are another ideal piece of cat furniture to add to your collection.

A cat tree by CatsPlay is the ideal piece of furniture because your cat will also be getting an entire activity center. A tree gives climbing space, acts as a scratcher, a lounging post and even a playhouse.

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The Kitty Hollow is 12″ in diameter. The 63″ comes with a base and top that are 24″ x 24″


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