The Kritter Kommunity Story

Lisa Illman is the president and founder of Kritter Kommunity. Born in 2009 out of her passion for pets, Lisa’s vision for Kritter Kommunity was first conceived as she observed her kitty cats, Madison and Abigail’s sad faces as they peered longingly outdoors. A city dweller from Philadelphia, not only is Lisa kitten smitten, but she loves being outdoors – cooking, reading a book, and relaxing in her courtyard.

With her heart set on creating a fanciful screened in catio for Madi and Abi, Lisa was discouraged when she learned that city building restrictions would limit her. She quickly realized that in order for her entire family to enjoy the outdoors together, she would need to create a safe, effective outdoor cat enclosure.

The Kritter Kondo is Born

In 2008, Lisa designed a prototype enclosure for Madi and Abi and they were more than happy to be her first product testers. Living in the Center City Philadelphia, Lisa began receiving feedback from neighbors and passers-by. She actually had to remove the battery in her doorbell because she was receiving so many inquiries.

Realizing the urgent need and demand for reliable and effective cat enclosures, Lisa decided to start manufacturing them so all pet owners could have an alternative outdoor solution. The first Kritter Kondo was launched in September of 2009, and Kritter Kommunity, LLC was created to house the entire product line.

Keeping Cats – and Dogs – Secure Outdoors

Although the original Kritter Kondo was designed with the cat owner in mind, Lisa soon found that small dog owners were praising this safe and effective method of containing their small pooches, outdoors. Suitable for up to three cats and dogs less than 35 pounds, Kritter Kondos have taken the pet world by storm.

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Pennsylvania State University, more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience, and numerous professional awards, Lisa has a leg up in the business arena. She has grown the Kritter Kondo to include a deluxe model, connecting enclosures and accessories in less than two short years.

Speaking about the success of Kritter Kondos and what motivates her, personally, Lisa says:

My passion lies in helping pets and their owners live their best lives. At Kritter Kommunity, we believe that all pets deserve time exploring the sunny outdoors. We also believe that in order to keep pets safe from disease, other animals and motorists, they need to be safely contained. Kritter Kondo provides an effective solution for cats and small dogs so that they can happily enjoy the outdoors with the rest of their family.

Lisa Illman – Sales Funnel Guru

Lisa Illman - Sales Funnel Guru

15 Years Experience with Fortune 100 Companies

  • Sales Excellence Everest Club Award as recognition for outstanding business results and exemplary behaviors. (“Delivering business results that placed you in the top 10% of Eastman’s Sales Organization and projecting a professional image that demonstrated the qualities that earn respect and an impeccable reputation.” –Greg O. Nelson, EVP)
  • Recognized through Product Launch Award for most product sold in North America (equaling $6M in new business for Specialty Plastics)
  • Six Sigma Award through generating $1.5M of new greenhouse business at Wal-Mart using Six Sigma product specification tools, bridging communications between end-user and all approved OEMs
  • Customer Sales and Service Award for most leases generated

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