The Kritter Kommunity Story

Welcome to Kritter Kommunity! 

I founded Kritter Kommunity in 2009 out of my passion for pets. As a city dweller from Philadelphia, I loved being outdoors and spending time with friends in my courtyard, and my cats, Madison and Abigail. I wanted to create a screened-in catio for them, but city building restrictions limited me. So, I designed a safe and effective outdoor cat enclosure, which became the first Kritter Kondo in September 2009. Due to the high demand for reliable cat enclosures, Kritter Kommunity, LLC was created to house the entire product line.

Lots has happened since then! 

Kritter Kondos had a great run, but due to many manufacturing challenges and the inventory warehouse closing during Covid-19, the Kritter Kondo went into a ‘holding pattern’. 

However, I have not let this setback dampen my passion for pets and the pet industry. Instead, I have shifted my focus to writing about pets on this blog, and helping other brands promote their digital presence.

If you are interested in receiving the Kritter Kommunity press/media kit, please email [email protected] with your inquiry.

Thanks, and welcome to the Kommunity!

Lisa Illman

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