Delicious Cat Shaped Cookie, Bread And Cake Pans

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Delicious Cat Shaped Cookie, Bread And Cake Pans


This post is all about cat shaped pans and cat cookie cutters.

If you have a cat lady or gent friend who adores cats and also loves to bake, have we got a line-up of interesting and thoughtful gifts for you! These pans and cat cookie cutters are a great gift for your cat loving self, or a cat loving buddy. In addition to offering up a few cake and cookie recipes, this post includes a list of delicious cat shaped cookie and cake pans for even the most discriminating recipient.

What Is The Best Material For Baking?

There are different types of material used for baking pans but aluminum still wins for being a top contender, if not the best. The aluminum works really well at cooking your ingredients evenly. It will absorb the heat while releasing the heat, making it an excellent conductor. Many pans on the market today are considered non-stick, but I recommend using a little grease on your aluminum pans before you begin baking. It is a good practice in case the non-stick is still a little too sticky, and pre-greasing will increase the longevity of your pans.

Cat Head Bread Pan

Have you ever seen a more clever cat baking product then this bread baking bakeware by Yusat? (Click the image above to go right to the cat pan for all the details and purrchasing)

These pans are double layered with a non-stick coating (but you might want to give them a light grease, for extra measure). Biscuits, bread and cakes can all be made with these exact cooking tools.

I am thinking cornbread can make a fantastic cat shaped bread, and I even have a GREAT cornbread recipe for you!

For this exact recipe, got to Golden Sweet Cornbread; compliments of Allrecipes.

Once you have your ingredients set out, you basically whisk it all together and bake it for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Don’t forget to preheat your oven!

Cat Shaped Cookie Cutters

Using cat cookie cutters is the absolute best way to make cat face cookies. You can leave them plain, extravagantly ice them or lightly sprinkle them. All these options make spectacular cat faced cookies.

With Winter just a couple months away, it might be a good time to get a new set of cookie cutters and I have SEVERAL purrfect ones for you to choose from. If you need a gift idea too, getting a couple sets now could prove to be a wise decision.

Keep it simple with a single kitty cat head. Serve them up plain for a clean look or decorate them with full whiskers and a cute nose. These are 4” and cost an inexpensive $6.99 on Amazon, making them a very good buy idea!

For a small $4.00 more, you can get a full size kitty cat cutter too!

Sugar cookie recipe
Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Click Image

Scared Cat Cookie Cutters

Purrfect for Halloween! These scared cat shaped cookie cutters are great for the fall season, Halloween, birthdays or a cat themed party. They stand 4.2 inches tall and are an inexpensive $5.99.

Plllleeeasse check out these Black Cat Chocolate cookies on Sprinkle Bakes blog. I love these, and I actually would prefer baking these black cats for a modern looking cookie tray. I love how clean, and chic the bare black feline is, dashed with a little sprinkle for a shimmering look. They look too good to eat, but I would definitely find a way 😉

Oh my heavens, my stomach is totally growling and we haven’t even talked about kitty cat shaped cake pans!

Cat Claw Animal Print Baking Molds

These cat claw arms are wonderful little cupcake molds. Made from silicone, these pans also work well for pudding, jello and cookies.

Each paw has the toe beans feline fanatics swoon over. I think I would ice these up in a few different colors so the beans and any markings stand out.

For a variety of little animal heads, check out the brand Fujiang on Amazon.

I found a really great vanilla cake recipe that is said to be super easy, delicious and stays moist for four days. Nagi over at combines traditional deserts like vanilla cake with Japanese techniques. The outcome is a scrumptious, mouth-watering masterpiece sure to please any sweet tooth.

How To Make A Cat Shaped Cake

To make a cat shaped cake, simply use one of the cat shaped pans and use this amazing vanilla cake recipe. If you prefer keeping things real simple, you can even use your favorite cake box recipe. The ideas are endless to have a feline friendly desert tray, brunch or desert buffet.

Vanilla cake recipe

Going through these cat shaped cake, cookie and muffin pans has made me hungry! I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of baking bread, cookies and pies in the Fall and Winter. Hopefully you also got some ideas for holiday gifts this season! And now, over to you!

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