Cozy Pants Cat Ladies Cannot Get Enough Of

Carv lover pants etsy amazon

Cozy Pants Cat Ladies Cannot Get Enough Of


With the Fall season right around the corner, that total curl up on the couch with a hot beverage, favorite book and feline companion is fast approaching. I love a pair of baggy pants or harem pants to lounge around in. I have scored quite a few cute and affordable ones right on the internet. This post is all about cozy pants I think other cat ladies will love too!

Cozy Cat Lover Pants Amazon

NEWCOSPLAY Women’s Comfy Pajamas Pants

Although I do not have these exact pants (mine have a different print) these cozy cat pants are so cute, and I can say from experience, very comfortable! I love mine because they are not too heavy. Even though it is nice to get ’cozy’ in the Fall and Winter, I prefer layering up with a blanket as opposed to wearing heavier pants. This way if I get warm, I don’t have to change my pants.

These are on Amazon and are currently 30% off! I am not sure how long the special will last.


And leave a comment if you end up getting a pair!

I need these pants!

So cute!

I especially love the elastic waistband!

And with over 270 reviews and 4.5 stars, they had to be on the list.

These cozy cat pants are from the BRIEF INSANITY store. With a name like that, you need to go browse this shop!

Who doesn’t love black? These super adorable kitty cat pajamas are purrfect for me or a holiday gift!

I especially like the 5% coupon you can digitally click too!

These sell on the cheibear store for $32.99 (a little pricey compared to some others).

Cozy Cat Lover Pants Etsy

You probably already know this, but just in case….. Etsy has amazing kitty cat stuff. Not to mention, they have all types of loungewear too. I usually think of Etsy as only homemade goods, but they have evolved. And since it is Etsy, everything looks snuggly, chic and jaw-dropping. Every time I go to the Etsy lounge shop I feel like, ’I will take one of everything please’.

Before we jump into the baggy, cozy style; I want to bring your attention to these super cute capri cat lady pants. So cute! If you are owned by a cat, you know well your cat’s irresistible temptation to use you as their scratching post. It is actually a loving stretch, with a hint of pawdicure. The artwork on these capris captures the notion so purrfectly!

Etsy cat paw capri pants

Cat harem pants are so easy peasy to wear and lounge around in. BTW, harem pants are loose fitting and they gather at the ankle. I actually prefer a flair pant to sleep in, but I tend to like harem pants for lounging. These by the eCatShop also have a drawstring, nice touch!


OMC are these adorable or what? Something to notice, they are HAND-WASH only. I don’t know about you, but I do not do hand-wash often. I think I might still pick these up though and let me tell you why. They are baggy, they are cute, the leg is a LOOSE fit (I love) and the artwork is adorable.

These handmade cat pants look cozy and comfy. Check them out, for only $18.74 on Etsy, they look like a good find!

Etsy cat baggy pants

The JairoCreative shop on Etsy has some beautiful artwork and these say they are handmade. Something I notice in the comments on Etsy though; sometimes customers say that they things they actually purchase are not handmade even though the description says they are. I always go through comments first, just to get an idea of what folks are saying. That being said, I love the artwork on these pants. Just like the pants above them, they have that wonderful loose fit in the legs and around the ankles that I prefer. I like this style if I am lounging around and might need to run a few errands or if I have guests over too. The fabric is thicker on these (then the ones above on Amazon), which I prefer if I will be in public.

Etsy cat pants artwork on legs

Cozy Cat Lover Pants Purrs and Whiskers

My new favorite cat store is Purrs and Whiskers. I am not even sure how I found this shop but when I did I kept going back to scroll through all the unique and charming cat products they offer. You will be seeing more of Purrs and Whiskers from me and I believe you will agree; their stuff is super cute, unique and ideal for any cat lover!

In addition to having cozy cat lover pants, Purrs and Whiskers is a great place to find gifts for

cat lovers of all ages too!

The cat partying print pajama pants are one of their top sellers among feline fans. I especially like the side pockets on these, as that is ideal for anyone who wants loungewear, but will be running errands. (I am thinking football day, home office attire etc.) I would pair these with a bulky sweater or sweatshirt and feel very comfortable in public. I also like the fact Purrs and Whiskers will gift wrap your purrrchases. Is that ideal or what? (Hello Christmas gifts made easy!)

These pants go up to size XL and are made with a little bit of spandex. This makes for some stretch space after eating too much around the pawlidays.

Purrs and whiskers cat pants

Paw prints are ideal for any furry pet lover. Just like the ones above, these are great for sleeping, lounging and working. I love that pocket!

Be sure to use the green button here so you get the additional 10% off (any purchase at their store). ENJOY!

Paws print pants from purrs and whiskers

Be sure to browse through their entire clothes section. These slippers are just one of the many things I found to pair with the cat lover pants.

Cat slippers judging you silently

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