How To Get Cat Urine Off Hardwood Floors (Removing Stain And Smell)


It was the hardest thing I was faced with as a cat owner. The biggest challenges I had when adopting my second cat Abigail were the territorial aggressions my first male cat Madison began to display. Although the two were the fastest of companions, Madison was sure to let me and Abigail know, his intention was to be king of the castle and stay there. This post is all about how to get cat urine off hardwood floors.

And so it began. My male tuxedo began acting out with the three most common territory acts that are

1) patrolling
2) head and chin rolling
3) urine spraying outside litter boxes

Cat urine spraying was the top offender and the hardest to deal with so I would like to share with you the solutions that worked best for me and how they helped perfectly.

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I also now use the Modkat litter box that works really well.

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You can read “How To Keep A Cat’s Litter Box Clean” to learn more tips for the litter box area.

How to get cat urine off hardwood floors (and eliminate cat pee smell)

  1. Nature’s Miracle
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide With Saran Wrap
  3. Rocco and Roxie (BEST)

Before we jump into the different solutions to getting cat urine off your floors, it is important to address why your cat is peeing outside the litter box or spraying on your floors. Trying multiple litter boxes with no change in behavior is the most frustrating thing ever.

Several reasons can make a kitty cat pee outside the litter box. In my case it had to do with a territorial male kitty cat who was marking his territory. Providing another litter box was one way I was able to eliminate the problem forever. Thank goodness I did not have to deal with the cat pee smell and never had anything like urine stain on any furniture. But I realize not everyone is as fortunate.

For anyone dealing with a kitty cat who has UTI issues, I highly recommend looking into Tinkle Tonic.

For anyone dealing with a cat who has not territorial issues, not medical condition and is seemingly not stressed out, I urge you to make sure you do not simply have a dirty litter box.

Also, trying a variety of litter boxes might be necessary. Some cats like litter boxes with no hood, some like litter boxes with a cover, and all cats like to be able to turn around in their litter boxes.

Male Cat Spraying Issues

My first kitty Madison was a tuxedo male cat. Not only was he super charismatic, he came into my life at an important time. I was trying to quit smoking cigarettes, with no luck so far. When I adopted Madison, he would cover his little face with his paws every time I lit a smoke as if to say “stop doing that to yourself and to me”.

I am so happy to say that for 16 years I have been cigarette free! I owe that little feline a ton of gratitude. Adopting a cat was the healthiest thing I could have done to combat cigarettes! He was a fun loving affectionate kitty and there was no way I was giving him up no matter what the challenge. Even dealing with his cat urine challenges.


Cat Pee Smell Remover

And so it went, the cat pee spraying challenges began. I was on the hunt for cat urine remover it seemed day and night.

Like most cat owners faced with this challenge, I went on line and googled for every solution I could find. I believe I tried them ALL. My floors were hardwood (and still are) so I was mostly just interested in the things that would work on wood and hard surfaces. Here is what worked for me to remove cat urine from hardwood floors.

Getting rid of foul smelling cat odors can be challenging at first, but once you find your fix, you are at the home stretch. Eliminating the foul smelling cat odors will also deter your cat to continue the behavior.

How to get urine off hardwood floors

Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle is by far one of the leading brands I have found that works well! It is available on Amazon Prime so it can be delivered within 48 hours, usually sooner.

You can read more about applying these products on “How To Use Odor And Pet Stain Remover”

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Nature’s Miracle really worked to break down the enzymes.

Nature’s Miracle uses molecules combined with isopropyl alcohol and citrus scents to remove stains and odors.

Although Nature’s Miracle is not my top pick anymore (keep reading) I do keep a jug on hand at all times for emergencies.

This product works to remove stains and smells of human urine, vomit and pet urine. It is good to keep some handy and if you have dogs and cats that travel in your car with you, putting a jug in your trunk can be a real lifesaver for long trips.

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Hydrogen Peroxide with Saran Wrap

This is one of those DIY step-by-step solutions but what I love about it is that it really does work on removing stains. These are products you might have already.

If you are ever caught off guard, here’s what you do:

  • Clean up urine with towels or paper towels. Get the surface puddles dry.
  • Pour a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on your hardwood stained floor.
  • Cover the new puddle with an old t-shirt or towel.
  • Pour more hydrogen peroxide on the fabric so it is soaked.
  • Cover the wet fabric with saran wrap.
  • Stand on your head, clap three times and say removing now (Just kidding)

Use the saran wrap so that your towel stays wet for a long period of time.

I would start the process before bed and then ‘rinse and repeat’ the next day, although you do not have to actually rinse. For tough to remove stains, the process needs to be repeated several times. Hang in there, it does work and best of all the smell goes away too!

Will hydrogen peroxide damage my hardwood floors?

No, just the opposite! I found it not only absorbed the cat urine and the smell, it also left my hardwood floors in a better condition then before treatment. They were cleaner, softer and looked healthier.

Rocco and Roxie Cat and Dog Urine Solution

I saved the best for last! My absolute favorite for removing cat urine and cat pee smell is Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator. This stuff also works wonders on dog urine, vomit and anything else associated with pets.

This stuff not only works to remove the smell and stain left by your adorable feline, it replaces the odor with a lovely scent. This is one of the reasons I like Rocco and Roxie more than Nature’s Choice, the fresh smell. And this fragrance is not just covering up the cat urine nastiness. Cat urine smell is eliminated and replaced with a fresh scent.

I highly recommend giving Rocco and Roxie a try.

So that’s my experience with cat urine remover that works. And just to repeat, Rocco and Roxie doesn’t just work and removing cat urine, it also removes cat pee smell.

I purposely did not include all the other ones I have tried that did not provide results because I figure you might be like I was, frantically googling for your ideal solutions to help you out now. Why spend time on what doesn’t work?

To sum up, I also want to add that both Madison and Abigail have crossed over the rainbow bridge.


I am happy to have an eight (almost nine) year old male tuxedo (do you see a pattern here) that keeps me hopping!

Modern Furniture For Cats

His name is Finnegan and you can follow his shenanigans on his very own cat Facebook page. I am so very fortunate that he does not spray or urinate outside his litterbox, but I still keep both solutions on hand above. Cats can easily stress which can cause a urine outside the box issue, so just in case, I like to have everything accessible and on hand.

cat sleeping

I miss Madison and Abigail, they were so instrumental in motivating and inspiring me throughout our time together.

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