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How to Make A Cat Hideout For Your Feline


How to Make A Cat Hideout For Your Feline


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This post is all about making a cat hideout for your feline.

Events and guests are fun for humans but can also be stressful for our furry friends. If you have a cat, you know how overwhelming it can be for them when visitors come to your home. The struggle is real! My kitty cat Finnegan needs a cat hideout even when he is alone! This blog post will show you how to create a cozy and safe cat hideout for your kitty to reduce anxiety, especially during high-traffic events like holidays. It will be especially helpful for ideas around the holidays or when you will have guests.

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets?

You may have noticed your cat burrow under your blankets or clothes at some point in her life. Creating a blanket cat hideout is one way your cat makes a nest to snuggle in.

Cats burrow in blankets or clothes to feel sheltered. By making a small area to take cover in, your cat is giving herself a haven where she feels out of harm’s way. It is an instinctive feline trait and perfectly normal incredibly if she feels threatened. But cats don’t have to feel intimidated to take comfort by nestling in blankets.

Creating a Cat Hideout

The first step in creating a cat hideout is finding a quiet and comfortable space in your home. This can be a guest bedroom or a quiet corner in the living room. You can even make your cat 🐈‍⬛ his very own kitty cat room.

Once you have found the perfect spot, you can start to make it cozy for your cat. Add soft blankets, pillows, and even a few toys to create a comfortable and familiar environment. You can also use a cardboard box or a covered cat bed to create a safe and secure space for your kitty.

Creating a cat hideout for her by adding blankets, your t-shirt and a few plush toys, can be a way to let her know you love her and understand her need for security.

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Cat Beds for Cat Hideouts

🐾 Welcome to the purr-fect world of Cat Beds for Cat Hideouts! 🛏️🐱 Imagine a cozy haven where your feline friend can curl up, nap, and dream of chasing butterflies. 🦋

From plush hideaways to charming little nests, we’ve got the ideal hideout for every whiskered explorer. 🌟 Create a paradise for your furball, where naptime meets luxury! 🏰✨

Sheepskin Cat Bed

Discover the Cozy Hideout for Your Kitty with Natural Sheepskin Cat Bed! 🐾

Unveil the charm of the Natural Sheepskin Cat Bed, where comfort meets style for your feline friends. 🌟

  • 🐑 Beautiful Handmade Cat Bed Sizes:
  • Diameter 50cm
  • Diameter 60cm
  • Diameter 70cm

Your kitty deserves a sanctuary, and the Natural Sheepskin cat bed offers just that. Crafted with care, these pet beds provide a private haven for your furry companions to easily rest and relax.

🌿 Natural Sheepskin’s Unique Features:

  • Handmade in EU ✓
  • Best Quality Available ✓
  • 100% Natural ✓
  • Luxurious and A+++ Quality ✓
  • Natural Shape ✓
  • Thick/Long Fur for Super Softness ✓

Embrace the warmth of a family tradition and experience the efficient use of natural treasures. Natural Sheepskin, available on Etsy, captures the essence of living in the mountains surrounded by beautiful forests.

🏡 Why Natural Sheepskin?

  • Crafted with care in the EU, their products are a blend of tradition and love for animals.
  • Feel the taste and smell of nature with their handmade sheepskin products.
  • Take a journey to a world of nature, surrounded by forests, meadows, and the warmth of a hearth.

Why Sheepskin Rugs?

  • Neutralizes harmful substances in the air.
  • Reduces intense smells, like cigarettes.
  • Equalizes room temperature and absorbs negative elements.
  • Lanolin, a natural antibacterial moisturizer, offers valuable properties.
  • Medical sheepskin properties provide improved comfort and reduce bedsores.

Bring the essence of nature into your home with Natural Sheepskin goods. Your living room, floor, or sofa – it looks perfect everywhere! 🏡✨

Perfect for:

  • Living room
  • Floor or sofa
  • Next to the fireplace

The Natural Sheepskin Cat Bed is not just for your kitty; it’s a treat for yourself, your family, or your friends. Ideal for weddings, yoga, and as a natural sleeping area for a new baby. Grab yours and bring the charm of nature into your space! 🌈🐑💤

Banana Cat Beds

Discovering the PurrfectBeds Etsy store was a score! 😺 The Cozy Banana Shaped Cat Hideout Bed is seriously impressive. 🌟 Crafted for ultimate comfort and playfulness, it’s like a furry paradise! 🏡 The portable sleeping mat is perfect for on-the-go relaxation. 🚗

It is so cute!

For both dogs and cats, the banana cat bed is a plush haven. 🐾 The cozy hideaway promotes security and tranquility – a true pet retreat. 🌈 And that banana design? 🍌 Adorable! It adds charm to any room, becoming your pet’s go-to chill spot. 😍

Etsy Store, by purrfectbeds

Built with top-notch materials, this bed is not just cute but durable too. 🛡️ Take it anywhere, and your furball will feel at home instantly. 🏠 Whether you’ve got a playful kitten or a laid-back pup, this bed is a must-have! 🐕🐾 Upgrade your pet’s nap game with this top-quality sleeping mat. Sweet dreams, furry friends! 💤🌈

Pet Enclosure

🐾One of the best ways to ensure your cat can find some relief when company comes during the holiday is to make a designated area she can call her own, free from people and children traffic.

🏡A portable catio is an ideal getaway for your cat to relax and reduce her stress. 

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A pet enclosure can be an excellent cat hideout for your cat, providing a safe space away from foot traffic, noise, and new guests.

Introduce your 🐱 cat to the room beforehand and make it feel like home by sprucing it up and including something with your scent, like a blanket or shirt. A portable playpen will help your cat feel less anxious and comfortable in her special place.

Inside your cat’s Kritter Kondo be sure to put toys, a bed and even some water or snacks.


The more you spruce it up, the more it will feel like home to your cat and make him less anxious. Ideally, you want to inform your cat that this is her special place in advance, so introduce her to it all set up and assembled at least a few days before your guests arrive. To make it super comfy, include one of your shirts or blankets that has your smell on it so she knows she is still in her big home too.

If your cat is in her Kondo cat hideout for an extended time, you can even include a litter box so she doesn’t have to go anywhere! Having her litter box close by will help reduce her cat’s anxiety.


Make sure the Kritter Kondo is in a separate room from the main gatherings and out of the line of traffic. This will help your cat cope with any anxiety she has and should reduce her stress.

Another great pet lounging area is the Pet Lodge by Kritter Kommunity.


Not only is the Pet Lodge a perfect haven, but it is also so easy to set up and take down. You can also bring it when you are traveling with your pet to other homes for the holidays. The Pet Lodge has a roll-up door, so your cat can come and go as he chooses. The spacious enclosure has plenty of room for toys, food, water, and even a tiny litter box.

One of our favorite litter boxes for travel, cat enclosures, and fostering is a collapsible and portable one that is easy to assemble. They sell them on Amazon, and you can click the images below to get one!

Cat Hideout with DIY Cat Shelves

Give your cat a place to climb up and beyond the foot traffic. Having a row of cat shelves to rise and rest on provides your feline an opportunity for him to work out his natural desire for high elevations.

Cat shelves along the wall are also a good escape path allowing him to get solo time. A series of cat shelves built and installed correctly will give your pet a feeling of safety and security, reducing his stress.

Catatize™ Your Closet 

If you have limited space and a portable catio is not an option, convert your closet into a cat sanctuary.

Anytime you take any ordinary item or object and endow it in a feline-friendly environment, you have catatized™ it!

Modern Furniture For Cats

Closets are a cat’s best friend! When they want alone time, making it especially kitty cat-friendly will let your fur baby know how much you care. Remove all items from a closet shelf and line them with your kitty cat’s favorite blanket.

Make it nice and cozy, and warm by including a pet bed. The stress of all your company might make her want a nap. A cat nest can be a great way to feel safe and secure while dozing off into la la land.

Set up your feline’s cat hideout by putting your cat’s favorite snacks into a small cup she can scoop from easily.

Add a bowl of water and a few toys. She will know she has found an exclusive area just for her. This will help reduce the cat anxiety she might be feeling.

Pre-Visitor Attention Cat Time

Another way to reduce stress and anxiety in your cat is to give her lots of love and attention. Spend ample time with your feline before your guests arrive.

Even 5-10 minutes of playtime the day of your holiday event will take the edge off your cat and release some energy to help her sleep right through all the festivities.

Most kitties love to be groomed, so after playtime, an excellent long brushing will make her purr.

If playtime is not an option or she is a senior and not interested in playing as much as a younger cat, grooming is essential. It is a great way to show her how much you care and adore her.

Summary of Purrs

Preparation and thoughtfulness about your pet’s well-being around the holidays or parties can pay off substantially.

Not only will your cat be happier, your home will have a less stressed vibe. You will know you have done your part to make your guests and all your family members comfortable and loved.

This post is all about how to make a cat hideout for your feline.

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