Cat-Proof Your Yard with the Right Cat Fence


Adding a cat fence to your yard is a great way to keep your feline friends safe and secure. Cat fencing can help keep your cats from escaping and getting into trouble in your neighborhood. This post explores the options of getting the right fence for your cat-friendly yard.


Although I do not have a yard, if I did have outdoor space my first choice would be a catio. I realize this option is not for everyone and with so many different lifestyles, we are fortunate that there are a variety of ways to allow indoor cats to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Without further ado, let’s pounce into the world of cat fences and see if this option is right for you!

Benefits of a Cat Fence

  • Safety: Keeps your cats secure within your yard, preventing them from wandering into potentially dangerous situations.
  • Protection: Shields your cats from outdoor hazards, such as traffic, wildlife, and toxic plants.
  • Neighborly Peace: Reduces the chances of your cats roaming into your neighbors’ yards, minimizing disturbances.
  • Customizable Options: Offers a variety of cat fence systems, including cat-proof fencing, cat netting systems, and enclosed cat patios, to suit different yard sizes and cat preferences.
  • Enrichment: Provides a safe and stimulating outdoor environment for your cats, allowing them to enjoy fresh air and playtime while staying protected.

Not only can a cat fence keep your feline safer than roaming free, a fence will also help keep other animals from getting into your yard and potentially harming your cats.

Installing cat-proof fencing around your backyard can provide numerous benefits for both your pet and the environment.

Cat fencing also provides a safe and secure area for your cats to enjoy sunshine while still being outdoors. Unlike a typical fence, cat fencing is designed to be cat proof, making it difficult for your cats to escape or get out. This means you can rest assured that your cats are safe and secure while they are outside.

I really don’t like absolutes, so I would add that 100% cat proofing is probably impossible, but the right cat fence and installation can come pretty darn close!

Keeping your cat contained in your own backyard will protect them from potential hazards such as cars and wild animals. Additionally, this will also protect the local wildlife, your neighbor’s gardens, and other areas from any potential mischief your furry friend may cause.

Cat Fencing Solutions for Peace of Mind

Regular backyard fences are no match for cats’ jumping and climbing capabilities. However, there are a couple of specialized fencing you can use that can effectively keep your cat confined.

Transform Existing Fence: Cat Proof Fence

Purrfect Fence offers a cat fence conversion kit that can easily be added to your existing fence. I love this idea because it doesn’t require getting an entirely new set-up if you already have a fence in place. The other reason I love this idea; it keeps other predators from coming into your yard. Coyotes love to pick off domestic pets like small dogs and cats. This fence will make it very difficult for another cat, dog or coyote to get into your space.

They thought of everything with this system too because a wire bottom is included that will deter digging and chew throughs.

If you’re looking to keep cats from climbing your fence or digging underneath it, this cat-proofer for fences is the most effective solution. It uses a patented pivoting arm system and comes in kits ranging from 50 to 600 feet in length. The kits come with enough cat-proof fence toppers and zip ties to secure the fence or wall, but additional components may be needed for chain-link fences, PVC fences, walls, and more. If you need help with planning, estimates, ordering, or installation, our pet fencing experts are available to answer any questions.

*Kritter Kommunity is an affiliate for Purrfect Fence*

Roll Guard also makes rolling bars that can be installed on top of your fence and prevent your cat from being able to grip the top. Whenever they try to jump and grab onto the fence, the bar will roll continuously, deterring them from getting over.

I love this idea because it can be attached to a fence you already have. Plus it keep coyotes out of your yard (and other stray cats or dogs) without harming them.

Cat Containment Fence

If you do not have a fence, a free standing fence is probably a very good option for you!

Customized support from designers is available at Purrfect Fence.

Customers typically use the back of their house as a “side” to create a larger overall enclosure and easier access for the cats. A 100-foot kit, made into a square, would be approximately 24’ x 24’ (576 square feet). An example of a 100-foot kit enclosure off the back of a house would be 28’ x 40’ (28’ out from the house – over 40’ and back 28’), making an enclosure that is 1,120 square feet. A 200-foot kit enclosure off the back of a house could be 64’ x 64’ (64’ out from the house – over 64’ and back 64’), making an enclosure of 4,096 square feet. Whatever size the yard, our planning engineers can assist in outfitting it perfectly for your pet.


Cat Fence Cost

Investing in pet fencing is a wise move. It can range from $300-$500 for 100 feet of wire panel addition kit, or $1,000 for cat rollers. It provides peace of mind, protecting your pet, your neighbor’s property and local wildlife.

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The enrichment your cat will get from being outside will far exceed the costs of a cat fence.

Cat fencing is also beneficial in providing a space for your cats to explore and play. Give your cats an amazing outdoor experience with a fence that’s designed for them. It comes with platforms and shelves they can climb and use as lookout points. Keep them safe while they explore the outdoors.
Provide your cats with an outdoor environment they can enjoy and explore. Offer them platforms and shelves for climbing and lookout points. Keep them secure with a fence that’s perfect for them.
Explore the great outdoors with your cats in a safe and secure way. Set up a special fence with platforms, shelves, and lookout points for them. Let them enjoy the outdoors without worry.

You can also add a bunch of outdoor cat furniture to your yard like a cat tree or a cat playpen.

FAQ Cat Fence

So, what’s this cat fence thing all about, and how does it actually work to keep my kitties safe in my yard?

A cat fence system? It’s like a superhero barrier for your cats. It’s all about creating a space in your yard that’s safe for your feline pals. This superhero setup includes stuff like real fences and cool cat fence enclosures. These enclosures are designed with your furballs in mind, with nifty features like cat-proof netting and locks to keep them from pulling a disappearing act. Basically, it’s the VIP treatment for your cats outdoors.

Why should I bother with a cat fence system in my yard, and what’s in it for me and my cats?

Ah, the benefits are the best part! First, your fur babies will be safe as can be, with no chance of getting lost or into trouble. Those cat fence enclosures also protect them from outdoor hazards and unwanted wildlife. Plus, it keeps the peace in the neighborhood – no more cat-tastrophes in your neighbor’s flowerbeds! With the right cat fence system, you’ll give your cats a secure, fun space to roam and play in the great outdoors.

What types of cat fence systems and cat fence enclosures are out there for my yard? I don’t want anything too fancy.

You’ve got options! There’s cat-proof fencing, which is like building a fortress around your yard, often made from materials like PVC or metal. If you want something less hardcore, there’s cat netting systems, which are like putting a cat-safe net over your existing fence. And if you want to go all out, there are enclosed cat patios, or “catios,” with fun stuff for your kitties to climb and chill on. So, you’ve got choices, depending on your yard’s size and your cats’ personalities. Cat-proofing your yard just got a whole lot easier. 🐾

Concluding Purrs

A cat fence is a great option for folks with yards who want to give their indoor cats some freedom to be outside safely. I would caution that a cat fence will not protect your cat from being picked off by a large bird, and that can happen! Owls and other large birds see small cats and dogs as prey and they move in fast. Even when I am outside in my semi-urban setting with my large tuxedo cat, there are large birds and crows that start to circle above.

My first choice is a large, secure catio for your yard; but catios are not always an option.

Lisa Illman is the Founder of Kritter Kommunity, LLC. She has a tuxedo adult cat and has had him since he was a baby kitten. Before her cat Finnegan, Lisa had had two FIV-positive cats for over a decade. They inspired Lisa to invent a cat enclosure and a portable catio so they could safely sit outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Lisa had a Poodle and a parakeet growing up. She currently loves to pet-sit for her neighbors’ dogs and cats.

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Cat fencing can provide a great way to keep your garden or yard safe from cats. By keeping your cats contained in the secure area, you will protect plants from being dug up or destroyed by your cats.

Overall, investing in a cat fence for your yard can be a great benefit for both you and your cats. It provides a secure and safe area for your cats to enjoy the outdoors while keeping them contained, and it can also help to protect your garden or yard from potential feline destruction.

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