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Cat Shelves

Cat Shelves

Everyone knows that cats are the true rulers of the household. Now you can give your cat the high perch they deserve so they gaze upon their domain. Cat shelves offer a comfortable spot for cats to relax and savor the joy of their existence.

We offer a number of shelves including a cat window shelf, a cat wall climber and even a perch.

These can all be designed to hang on the perfect spot on your wall depending upon your cat’s character. Cat wall climber shelves can be placed high for those felines with a taste for adventure.

A shelf perch can be placed lower for older or not-so-active cats.

We selected a variety of shelves and they are designed to support a cat’s body. Each piece can be mixed with other pieces of cat furniture, such as cat trees and scratching posts, to create an amazing setup for your feline friend.

A happy cat equals a happy home!

How Can Cat Furniture Improve You And Your Cat’s Home Life?

Well chosen and designed cat furniture serve three purposes:

  • Happy Cat

Your cat will be so happy knowing you invested in her well-being. An amusement park on the wall will let your cat know you care.

  • Insanely Good Looking Living Space For You

Cat furniture can make your home look ten times better, especially when you design it with yourself and your feline in mind. Not to mention, the wall furniture we offer was hand picked with aesthetics as a primary choice.

  • Save Precious Real Estate

How many cat scratchers and cat condos do you have covering your floor? Imagine lifting them all up in an area your cat would prefer to lounge. Not only will you and your cat love the new cat shelf look, you can free up lots of clutter on the floor.

Cat shelves are the perfect way to both improve your cat’s life and add style to your home. Whether you’re looking for a cat wall furniture set, cat wall ledges, Alsonerbay cat shelf, cat climbing shelves, cat clouds cat shelf, a cat hexagon shelf, a cat shelf bed, premium floating corner shelves, wall shelf sturdy, versatile wood shelves, cat shaped shelving, or cat shaped shelving that fits wasted corner space, adding a whole wall shelf to your home is a great way to provide your cat with an interesting and stimulating environment.

Cat shelves provide cats with a sense of security, as they can climb and explore without feeling vulnerable. They also provide cats with a place to exercise, scratch, and sleep. By giving your cat a place to relax, you can help reduce stress levels, which can help improve your cat’s health and behavior.

Cat shelves come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. You can choose from wall shelves, corner shelves, and cat-themed shelves. You can also find shelves that are made of wood, metal, or plastic. Whatever your style or budget, you can find a cat shelf that meets your needs.

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Not only do cat shelves provide cats with a place to relax, but they also add style to your home. Cat shelves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose a shelf that fits your home’s decor or opt for something more unique, like a cat-shaped shelf. Cat shelves also make great decorative pieces. They add a touch of style to any room.

Cat shelves are an excellent way to improve your cat’s life and add style to your home. They provide cats with a place to relax, exercise, scratch, and sleep. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to suit any home’s decor. With so many options available, you can find the perfect cat shelf for your home.


Are wall cat shelves safe?

As long as they are installed properly, your cat wall shelves are absolutely safe. You will know right away if it was hung sturdy. Be sure to follow the directions on your product and use the exact accessories provided (or suggested).

Here is a step by step video showing you exactly how to hang the Catastrophic Creation products. This should give you any additional details you need!

What is the ideal size of a cat shelf?

This honestly depends on you and your cat. Frankly, you may have a small wall space and then your options will be a little more limited. You should also measure your cat to see how long he is. This will help you decide which length will be best! (12” is as short as I personally like to go for my cat)

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