Your Essential Checklist For Bringing Home Your New Sphynx Cat

Your Essential Checklist For Bringing Home Your New Sphynx Cat


A hairless Sphynx cat is a very special pet and when it’s ready to bring it home you will want to have everything to be purrrrrfect. So we have prepared the ultimate checklist for everything you will need to prepare for your lovely Sphynx’s arrival.

Do Hairless Cats Like To Cuddle?

Sphynx kitties do love attention and yes they love to cuddle too! If you plan to be at work or away from home a great deal, adopting two is a great idea. They will love to curl up together and stay warm while keeping each other company. A Sphynx cat loves attention from his owner, so scheduled playtime and cuddles will be important.

Food and Water with Bowls

You can feed your cat morning and evening and make sure there is always a fresh water supply. If some dry food is available during the day its likely to be enjoyed. Check with your Vet on food recommendations. In the meantime, we suggest Stella and Chewy’s!

Litter Box with Litter

Always keep the litter box fresh and keep a supply of litter on hand too. Running out of litter is worse than running out of toilet paper!

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Do Sphynx Cats Need Lotion?

Yes, they do sometimes require lotion. A Sphynx cat will generate his own oils, so he will need to be bathed more than a cat with fur. These oils also collect dirt, so bathing from time to time will be essential. After his bath, you want to pat him dry so that you do not accelerate chapping, dry skin. A little bit of special moisturizer after he is patted is ideal.

For specifics on Sphynx details, I go directly to the experts!

PET MD has a few articles on Sphynx cats that are very helpful. Their staff of Veterinarians wrote a few articles on the topic. I like it that they are Doctors in animal care and a few of them have had Sphynx as their own pets.

“Since bathing is a necessity for Sphynxes, there are some things you should be aware of before you start running the bathwater. First, you should use a cat shampoo and moisturizer that are formulated for cats with sensitive skin and are not too drying.”

Dr. Mauldin, PETMD

The Sphynx has sensitive skin so it is best to use a medicated shampoo especially for cats. They do have oily skin because there’s no fur to absorb the natural oils so bathing and grooming kitty regularly is very important. Her skin can become dry if you over wash, so 1-2 times a week is the recommended amount. This breed is also very sensitive to the sun so take care it is not in the direct sunlight for too long. Don’t ever use sunblock on your cat’s skin. It will be best to keep the Sphynx indoors most of the time.

We especially like Earth Bath Shampoo for hairless kitty cats. It is a top rated product on Amazon too! Fragrance free is very important.

Ear and Eye Cleaner and Nail Clippers

The Sphynx produces a lot of ear wax and it’s ears need to be cleaned several times a week. Since there is no hair to collect the wax it can leak out and stain furniture and fabric surfaces at times. 

Nail clippers can be picked up at your local veterinarian or pet store. Or you may prefer to let a professional handle the task at a cat spa or grooming service. Your fancy cat deserves the best. Did we mention the Sphynx is considered a high-maintenance cat? Don’t let that scare you to exploring this option though. They are also sweet, energetic and absolutely adorable!

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The Sphynx cat has a playful nature and will love having a collection of toys to cuddle, chase and chew. Cat nip toys are always a treat. The pet toy market is endless and a cat can’t have enough toys to play with.

Bed with Pillows and Blankets

Since they don’t have fur, Sphynx cats feel the cold. Plenty of warm bedding is essential. Of course you might make a wonderful place for your cat to sleep only to find it prefers to be curled up on your lap or on your bed. The kindest owners make sure the cat has its own blanket at the cat’s favorite nap spots – on your bed, on the sofa and the many other places it might claim as its own.

Adopting a hairless cat is quite the celebration! Finding Sphynx accessories to decorate your home will be a common theme before you know it. We love these throw pillows! Any of them are available at Amazon by clicking the image.

If you live in a very cold climate you might want to invest in a heated cat bed or an animal heating pad to make those winter nights cozy. This isn’t essential but it’s available. 

Collar and Leash

If you thought you won’t need a flea collar you thought wrong because even though they have no fur, the Sphynx can still catch pesky fleas. Of course it is unlikely if you have an indoor pet which the Sphynx should be. A collar with a leash can be used if you want to take it safely outdoors for a walk.

Cloths or Wet Wipes 

Accidents can happen especially when the kitten or cat is in a new environment. Cloths just for cleaning up kitty mess or disposable wet wipes will come in super handy.

Scratching Post

Cats love to sharpen their claws and a scratching post can save your furniture and sanity at the same time. You can go DIY with the scratching post if you are the creative type and would like to save some money. Otherwise, Amazon has a wide variety to choose from. Kritter Kommunity also offers scratching posts that are great options for Hairless kitties!

Cat Carrier

Some adoption centers, foster parents or breeders will supply a cat carrier when you adopt your cat. You will need one for vet visits and any trips in the car you may need to take.

We at Kritter Kommunity believes in adopting not shopping. There are plenty of Sphynx rescues, do a Google search in your state to find something close to you.

Now that you have your Sphynx cat supplies, you need to cat-proof your house. This will be done very similarly to the way you might baby-proof or child-proof a house.

Remove anything that can be knocked over and broken because cats love to jump onto ledges and other high places to observe life from a high level. Especially expensive items that you treasure should be put in a new place out of the way of your cat.

Check your plants to make sure you don’t have anything inside that might be poisonous to your cat. A quick Internet search will help you check. Also unplug any cords that don’t need to be in power sockets. Within a few days of your cat arriving to its new home you will soon know if it is planning on chewing on cords – a dangerous habit to be discouraged.

How Long Do Sphynx Cats Live?

This affectionate cat is a medium-sized cat and can be expected to live 8 – 14 years. Due to their sensitivity to sunshine, they should never be left outside. Being indoor cats only will greatly increase their lifespan.

Sphynx cats are so friendly, adorable and unique in many ways. They love people and are great with both children and other animals. Good luck as you welcome the newest addition to the family. 

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