Do you know cats get bored too?

Cats require a lot of mental and physical stimulation, a deprivation of any or both will cause a cat to become terribly bored. The tendency for household cats to get bored these days is even heightened. With our smartphones and favorite TV series taking most of our time while we’re indoors, our cats get to have less of our time and attention than they used to years ago. And this is something cats aren’t pleased with.

There’s nothing as boring to a cat than being kept indoors for way too long, and so to deny her your attention or a good amount of mental and physical stimulation, is far too much boredom than she can handle. A bored cat can become destructive or exhibit other bad behaviors you really don’t want to deal with. So it’s best to fix it before she goes on a naughty rampage. Not to mention, your cat deserves better than a life of boredom. 

Don’t know if and when your cat is bored? Here are 6 signs to look out for:

  • Over Grooming

When cats are bored they tend to groom a lot or display other repetitive behaviors. Also see if she pulls out her fur or bites her skin.

  • Becoming Aggressive To Other Pets

Bored cats may suddenly chase and become aggressive to other pets. If you own a dog as well, you may find your boredom affected cat trying to provoke your dog into a fight.

  • Sleeping Way Too Much Than Usual

When a cat is excessively bored, she may resort to spending more time in dream land where she has all the excitement she lacks in the real world.

  • She Becomes Destructive

Bored cats are known to be destructive just to get your attention. So if she scratches the couch with her razor sharp claws, it may mean she’s bored.

  • Overeating

Has your cat’s appetite suddenly increased? if yes, then she may be bored. Just as humans do when they are bored, cats also become overeaters.

  • Creates Her Own Excitement

How often have you gone out of the house leaving your cat indoors only to return home to find your toilet paper torn in shreds and scattered over the floor? This isn’t your cat being spiteful, she’s only trying to create her own excitement.

Now you know what behaviors a bored cat exhibits, it’s time we delve into the ways in which you can ease your kitty of boredom.If you own home or a backyard space, you can either build your kitty a catio or get the amazing Kritter Kondo, which is a portable readymade catio that is light weight, mobile, beautifully designed, consumes less space and requires very little assembly. You’re going to love it.

If you live in a flat on the other hand, you can offer your cat a little outdoor experience by providing her a widow perch and viewing area so she can see what goes on outside. You can also provide her with a scratching post, lots of interactive toys to play with, boxes containing catnip-infused toys, and so much more.

Your cat deserves better than a life of boredom, so give her everything you have to ensure she lives a happy life as much as you do.

What challenges do you face with entertaining your kitty cat? Let us know in the comments!

Kritter Kommunity Contributor

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