Unpacking The Ragdoll Cat Breed: Complete Profile With Adorable Must See Pictures

Ragdoll Cat Breed

Unpacking The Ragdoll Cat Breed: Complete Profile With Adorable Must See Pictures


Popular for their gorgeous blue eyes and fluffy longhair coats, this cat breed also tops the charts for being extremely affectionate and well adjusted. This article unpacks the Ragdoll cat, exploring their complete profile. If you are interested in learning more about Ragdoll cats, you have come to the right place.

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  1. What is a Ragdoll’s Personality like?
  2. What is the lifespan of a Ragdoll?
  3. Do Ragdolls shed a lot?
  4. Do Ragdolls like baths?
  5. What size are Ragdolls?


Much like the Maine Coon cat breed, Ragdolls are known to be very gentle, loving and friendly. They love to give attention to the person or family who takes care of them and will shower you with lots of head bumps, purrs and affection. This long-hair cat is known to be very intuitive to the emotional needs of her people and for that reason makes a very good companion pet.

The name Ragdoll describes her disposition rather well! When a cat of this breed is scooped up to be cuddled, she literally melts in your arms and becomes Ragdoll like, surrendering to your love for her in only a way a gentle feline of this nature can do.

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Similar to the Main Coon again, a Ragdoll will adore her owner and be Miss Congeniality to strangers too!

Ragdoll standing up

He might walk directly up to a person and greet them with a head butt and rub. To have such a friendly cat to greet visitors when they come to visit can be wonderful. However, knowing how outgoing this social butterfly can be should be considered when allowing her outdoor time.

All cats are different and unique in their own special way. This article is meant to give an overview of the general traits typically found in Ragdolls. Each will have his own personality specific to him, and exceptions of course apply. Use this as a guide to explore the breed and go deeper with your research on a specific forever friend you are considering.

Not only will this cat be a great friend to her people, she typically gets along with other animals, including dogs and other cats.



Now that you are totally smitten with this kitten, you might be wondering, how long can I be blessed with such a sweetie if I do adopt? That is a perfectly normal answer, and sometimes age of cat is a very important consideration.

Depending on your age, you may decide adopting an adult cat would be a better option. The good news, there are plenty of fully mature Ragdoll cats that would love to be adopted into a forever home. We did a search of places you can find this breed feline and here is the list!

PureBreds Plus Rescue

Ragdoll Rescue

RescueMe Ragdoll

Ragdoll Texas

Canada Ragdoll Adoption

So how long do Ragdoll kitty cats typically live? The average lifespan of an indoor Ragdoll domestic cat is 20 years. This is an average, based on many factors. If you are considering adopting a Ragdoll kitten, it is important to consider how long this commitment could be; and no doubt one of the best commitments of your life!


Do Ragdolls shed a lot? Well, yes they sure do. They are long haired cats and as such will shed more than the Sphynx or Burmese breeds. Their long, coats keep them nice and cozy in the cold weather so that is a bonus if you live in the North or any colder climate. There are some really great grooming tools that can help you manage the fur abundance. One of the best grooming tools for long haired cats is the Fulminator. It is a top rated, best seller on Amazon. It is also available with Amazon Prime so you can have it delivered in literally no time at all.

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Another grooming tool popular among Ragdoll owners is a detangling comb. These combs are essential for long haired cats because they prevent matting and that is one mess you want to avoid! They magic to these grooming accessories are the teeth. The comb’s teeth are both short and long, making the grooming process very similar to raking (but much more gentle of course).

Brushing your feline daily is an important part to her standard of living. Staying regular with grooms will also show your feline how much you care and provide ultimate bonding time.


So do Ragdolls actually like water? Typically love water! They will jump up on your sink when you turn the water on and put their little paws under the stream to clean up. Some Ragdolls will hop in bath water and let you bathe them. While Ragdolls do seem to be attracted to faucets and even pools of water, a kitty cat should not be left outside especially during inclement weather.

One of the best YouTube channels on social media with excellent Ragdoll content is Floppycats. Here is a great video of one of their cats swimming in a pool and loving it. You can also get more content on Ragdolls from watching their videos or visiting the Floppycats website.


If you are adopting a Ragdoll cat, you are essentially getting a gigantic teddy bear. This cat breed is among the largest of cats, so it shouldn’t surprise you they can weigh up to 20lbs and even more if they are overweight. The females tend to weigh a bit less then the males. And while larger is their normal body compared to an average house cat, it is important not to let your Ragdoll get too large. Obesity is a common concern among all of the long haired cats because it is so easily looked over due to their massive build and thick fur.

Since a Ragdoll is so big, it is important to create a home that accommodates his floppy rag doll ways. This breed loves to scratch and needs to stretch out just like a normal cat, so investing in a few large cat scratchers will help keep your Ragdoll happy.

Pet Fusion makes a jumbo cat scratcher that is ideal for larger cat breeds. This particular cat scratcher is highly rated, Kritter Kommunity approved and available using Amazon Prime!

Neko also makes a large cat scratcher perfect for Ragdolls. This particular one also double as a cozy bed. It is perfect for a Ragdoll to plop down in and take a nap, while also having a space to scratch away!

Yes the Ragdoll is indeed a sought after cat breed; and it is no wonder why!

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With the right diet, exercise and loving home this cat will make a wonderful companion.

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