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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Cat Litter Box [2023]


The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Cat Litter Box [2023]


Taking care of your cat’s litter box is an important part of being a feline caretaker. To keep your cat comfortable and healthy, it is important to scoop or change the litter box regularly. But how regularly and what is too much or not enough? So many questions to answer, we put together this ultimate guide to changing the litter box. Let’s pounce in!

Making a Litter Box Maintenance System

I am a big fan of having routines and systems in place. This is something you can definitely tweak and update as you find better solutions or more advanced products are developed. Getting an initial system in place is key!

To increase the efficiency of your litter box cleaning routine, it is essential to have a plan. Each individual’s plan will vary, depending on their personal needs and lifestyle. In my case, I find it helpful to designate one time of the day (mornings) to scoop poop. I simply do it while the coffee is brewing, wash up and pour that java feeling accomplished.

Essential Cat Litter System Supplies

Your system should have the following cat litter box supplies:


When it comes to encouraging your felines to use the litter box, the two most important items you will need are the box itself and the litter that goes inside. If your cat isn’t comfortable with either of these, they may choose to use other areas of the home for their business, which you’ll want to prevent at all costs. As a general rule of thumb, you should provide one litter box for each cat in the house, plus an extra one for good measure. For example, if you have two cats, you should have a total of three litter boxes.

I have mentioned before on this blog that my favorite litter box is Modkat and my favorite litter is Fresh Step Unscented. (It must be unscented!)

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I prefer a stainless steel scoop because it last forever. Stainless steel does not rust and acts as a pretty good odor neutralizer (although you will still need to clean it regularly).

Gloves and cleaning supplies are essential!

Cleaning Routine

If you are cleaning your own litter box and do not have an automated one, you will want to keep a cleaning routine.

Cats love routine so it will be beneficial to his happiness as well as helping your overall litter box tidiness. Cleaning regularly will be the absolute odor buster too.

I highly recommend scooping daily.

Even with just one cat.

Scooping daily will keep you in the habit of getting all the litter off the floor if any was kicked out and let your cat know how much you care. Cleaning their litter box is one of the best ways to give a cat quality attention.

I highly recommend thorough cleaning of the litter box (dump litter out and wash box) once a month per litter box.

Make sure to regularly scoop out any clumps of urine and feces so that your cats always have a clean place to go. Depending on the size of the litter box, and the number of cats you have, you may need to completely change and clean it every few days or so.

This is where the cat supplies mentioned above come into play; use a stainless steel litter scoop, gloves, and a pet odor neutralizing cleaner to get the job done. This will help protect both you and your cats from any germs or bacteria.

Keep Litter Box Supplies In One Place

To make cleaning the litter box area easier and more efficient, I have found it best to keep all cleaning supplies in one place. This way, you don’t have to search around for them when you’re ready to start cleaning. To take it a step further, you could store cleaning supplies in a single bucket and place it near the litter box. That way, you can simply grab the bucket and start cleaning right away.


I keep the gloves a cleaner together under the bathroom sink with a roll of paper towels and a few old rags. The scoop is hanging right next to the litter box (also in the bathroom) with the dustpan and broom.

Having all the supplies together will help you save time and energy, so you can get your cleaning done quickly and effectively.

Block Off Time For Deep Cleaning The Litter Box

If you want to do a deep clean of the litter box, it’s important to set aside enough time to do it properly. I prefer to do my cleaning when I’m alone so I’m not interrupted, but I know that’s not always an option. Taking the time to give your litter box a good clean will help ensure it’s clean and safe for your pet.

Just like having somewhat of a daily routine, blocking off sometime for the deep clean is super helpful. It gives you permission to do that and nothing else. Schedule it in, see if that helps you stay on top of it!

Step-by-Step Guide to Deep Cleaning a Cat Litter Box with Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Eliminator:

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Materials Needed:

  • Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Eliminator
  • Plastic gloves
  • Cat litter scoop
  • Cat waste disposal bags (optional)
  • Trash bin

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary materials ready and that you’re wearing your plastic gloves for hygiene and safety.

Step 1: Daily Scooping

  • If you have one cat, it’s highly recommended to scoop the litter box daily. For multiple cats, it’s best to scoop it at least twice a day to keep the litter box clean and odor-free.
  • Using the cat litter scoop, carefully remove any clumps of waste and soiled litter from the box.
  • Place the collected waste into a cat waste disposal bag if you have one, and tie it securely before disposing of it in the trash bin.

Step 2: Spray with Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Eliminator

  • Shake the Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Eliminator bottle well before use.
  • After scooping the litter, spray the Rocco & Roxie cleaner directly onto the remaining litter and any areas that may have been soiled with urine, vomit, or feces.
  • Ensure you cover the affected areas thoroughly with the enzyme cleaner.

Step 3: Allow the Enzyme Cleaner to Work

  • The key to effective cleaning with Rocco & Roxie is allowing the natural enzymes to activate and work on the odors and stains.
  • Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes (follow the instructions on the product label for the recommended time).

Step 4: Clean the Litter Box

  • While the enzyme cleaner is working, empty the litter box completely.
  • Dispose of the used litter in a trash bag, and if the litter box is dirty, wash it with mild soap and water.
  • Rinse the litter box thoroughly to remove any soap residue.

Step 5: Dry the Litter Box

  • After rinsing, dry the litter box with a clean towel or let it air dry completely before adding fresh litter.

Step 6: Refill the Litter Box

  • Once the litter box is clean and dry, add fresh cat litter to an appropriate depth (typically 2-3 inches).

Step 7: Reapply the Enzyme Cleaner (Optional)

  • If there were strong odors or stains, you can reapply the Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Eliminator directly to the fresh litter for added odor control.

Step 8: Dispose of the Waste

  • Seal the trash bag containing the scooped waste securely and dispose of it in the appropriate trash bin outside your home.

Step 9: Wash Your Hands

  • After completing the cleaning process, remove your gloves and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Following these steps and using the Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Eliminator will help you maintain a clean and odor-free cat litter box area, while also ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets and family. Remember, consistent daily scooping and regular cleaning are key to keeping the litter box area fresh and pleasant for both you and your furry friend.

Cleaning Your Cat Litter Box: Concluding Purrs

Treat yourself and your kitty to the convenience of a cat litter subscription service! A subscription will make cleaning your cat litter box sooooo much easier!

Sign up and you’ll receive a bag of litter on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about running out or having to lug around heavy bags from the store. Make your litter box maintenance a breeze with an easy and efficient monthly service!

This was so helpful during the Covid pandemic. I was still traveling quite a bit and having the litter already delivered when I returned home from a trip was AH-MAY-ZING and made my life 10x easier. I still have the subscription (I use Amazon) service, and it is wonderful.

It’s great to know that you’re looking for tips to help streamline your litter box cleaning routine. It will go a a long way with the overall well-being of both you and your feline. Do you have any tried and tested strategies that you’d be willing to share? We’re always looking for creative and effective ways to keep our homes tidy and organized. We’d love to hear what works for you!

Until next time, purr forward!


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