The Ultimate Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets Guide [2021 Updated]

Do Siamese cats make good pets?

The Ultimate Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets Guide [2021 Updated]


According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), there are 44 recognized cat breeds in the world today, one of which is the Siamese. This beauty stands out amongst other breeds for her elegant look, loud meow, talkativeness and surprising intelligence. This article is an ultimate guide to the Siamese cat.

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This article aims at getting you well informed about the Siamese. I hope you have fun reading our ultimate Siamese cat guide, and learn all there’s to know about this incredibly amazing breed of cats.

Let’s unpack the Siamese cat and review these popular characteristics:

  1. History
  2. What makes a Siamese special?
  3. What is a Siamese cat’s personality like?
  4. Are their common health problems associated with this breed?
  5. Do Siamese cats make good pets?

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A Brief History

What does Siamese mean?

The name Siamese stands for moon diamond in the ancient Thai language. These felines are thought to have descended from an ancient cat that had its dwelling in Siam temples. These cats are amongst some of the oldest cat breeds in the world and have lived with mankind for countless centuries.

These blue-eyed beauties made their first appeared in Thailand. In fact, their name is known to have been inspired from Thailand’s former name Siam.

This breed of cat left the shores of Thailand (probably by fishing ships) and were brought to the West in the 1800s.

Records state that the first Siamese cats to land in the United States were gifts presented to the wife of President Rutherford Hayes by the Bangkok consulate in the year 1873.

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In the UK, they are also recorded to have entered the British Empire in 1884 through Sir Edward Owen Gould, the British Consul-General stationed at Bangkok. He gave his sister a breeding pair he had gotten from the Thai royal family.


What is special about a Siamese cat?

Probably the most unique quality is her looks. These breed of cats are easily recognizable for such features as their blue eyes, large pointy ears, triangular-shaped face and slender body. They’ve got long necks, long legs and a long tail to match.

This breed tends to have shiny fur, which is short and lays very close to her skin. The fur on a Siamese’s body isn’t made up of just one color as other cats. While the fur on the face, ear, feet, and tail bear a dark color, the fur on the rest of its body have a lighter color. On some kitty cats, the fur on their face isn’t all dark in color. In these cats, the fur covering the midsection of their face, nose and around the eyes is darker unlike the fur on other parts of the face.

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When a Siamese cat is born, she is usually white all over, but 10 days after birth, their color points begin to develop. Before they are 5 months old, the point color around their face, legs and tail becomes visible though not fully dark. As they get older, the point areas of their fur turn darker.


The most popular and recognized coloration is:

Seal Points

The seal points have a light yellowish body with dark brown/black points.


This coloration cat tends to have a light gray body with steely gray points.


Chocolate point kitty cats sport a light cream body with lighter brown points.


These are cats with a white body and diluted chocolate points.

This is not to say there are no other colorations. In fact, according to a recent study, they can come in over 32 different color points.


Unlike other breeds of cat, they usually do not get past medium size. Siamese cats are able to grow up to 12 – 15 inches in height.


A healthy adult male weighs 9 – 14 pounds, females, on the other hand, weigh around 6 – 10 pounds.

Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets?

Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets?

Yes, the Siamese is popular because they make great pets. Cats of this breed are usually friendly, people oriented and fun-loving creatures. Once they form a bond with you, they’ll never let you out of their sight. It’s normal to see this breed follow her human parent around the house. These are sociable cats as they have no problem living with children, other cats and even dogs if they are socialized from a young age.

Whatever you do, never leave this breed alone for too long. These type of kitty cats are most suited for households where someone is always present at home. In the case where you live alone, you can always hire a pet sitter or ask a friend to care and keep your feline friend company while you’re away.

What is the personality of a Siamese Cat?

Friendly, energetic and intelligent are all adjectives frequently used to describe this breed. This cat breed tends to be energetic and highly intelligent by nature. They can be trained to walk on a leash and do other amazing tricks as fetching and opening cabinets. It is important that owners provide her with enough stimulation and plenty of fun toys, as a bored feline can be very troublesome.

This might sound strange to you, but Siamese cats are great conversationalists. If you ever feel bored, you can strike up a conversation with one and have them talk back to you in their amplified cat voice.

Do Siamese cats have health problems?

Siamese cats are vulnerable to more health problems than other breeds of cat. This is because they have a purebred ancestry (Pedigree cats). To keep her safe and healthy, her owners should be up and doing in their duty of taking her for regular medical checkups.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

Amongst all cat breeds, Siamese cats are at the most danger of this illness as a result of their small gene pool. When this illness strikes, it causes blindness in a Siamese.

Cat Cancer

Every cat breed is prone to cancer, but there’s a kind of cancer only Siamese cat breeds suffer. When buying a cat of this breed, it is important to make sure no cats in its history have been victims of this sort of cancer.

Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma is a type of cancer that afflicts Siamese more than other breeds. This disease causes the body to form abnormal lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell.

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Mouth and Gum Disease

This is one of the two most common illnesses they face. The more reason why owners should care a lot for their feline’s dental health.

Congenital Heart Defects

Siamese cats are prone to developing such chronic heart disease as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. When this happens, it’s hard to get the problem fixed.

Other health problems to be on the watch for include: Asthma/bronchial disease, coughing and pica.

Life Span

How long do Siamese cats live on average?

Some live an average life span of 11 – 15 years, while others get to live an average of 15 – 20 years. With the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Siamese cat owners can help their feline live a long life. The average is approximately 12 years.


Just as every other breed of cats, this one should be treated with utmost care. The short and shiny coat should be brushed weekly, their ears and nostrils should also be checked. They will need to be cleaned frequently with the aid of a damp cloth.

This breed doesn’t like being in water so bathing in water might not be an option.

One vital area that shouldn’t be overlooked is her dental health. Do your best to take her for regular dental checkups and get her used to undergoing oral health care at home.

In addition to the aforementioned, a cat’s health can be maintained by doing the following:

Feeding Her A Proper Diet

Providing her with a nutritionally balanced diet is of great necessity if she’s to stay healthy. When feeding a your cat, consider giving her a diet rich in high-quality animal protein and fat. These cats love having homemade turkey, chicken, salmon, cod and hake, so don’t deprive them of these sumptuous meals. Whatever you do, ensure your feline gets to be fed a meal high in Taurine.

Providing Her Enough Water To Drink

Siamese cats are agile and full of energy. They can be seen running about the house or climbing things. With all these activities they get themselves involved in, it is only normal that they thirst a lot. Cats should have easy access to fresh water at all times of the day. Water is also needed to maintain their kidney health. A kitty cat water fountain can motivate her to drink more.

Concluding Thoughts

My Grandmother had two and they were both wicked smart! When my Grandmother would fall asleep with her curlers in, they kitties would sit and take them out and place them on her chest while she was asleep. She would wake up and her hair was all done!

These cats can be wonderful companions. Just like any other pet, they require care and love. This breed is known for having one favorite owner, and I can confirm this to be true. My Grandma was number one in their book, and visitors would get snubbed.

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