The Sisal Cat Shop: Every Cat’s Dream Come True


Sisal is a top material used in making cat poles and scratchers. The thickness of sisal makes it an ideal fabric for a cat’s claws to get massaged and groomed in while she scratches the actual product. Sisal is also good looking so it is a top choice for homeowners with cats. The natural color of sisal makes it super easy to match almost any home interior style and color. This post is a sisal shop guide, to make your cat’s dream come true!


Why Use Sisal Cat Products

Cat lovers everywhere know that sisal is one of the most sought-after materials for their feline friends! Often used in chic and boho-style cat furniture, sisal is a great choice for both aesthetics and practicality. Cats love to scratch and climb, and sisal provides them with a tough and durable texture that is perfect for clawing and playing. From cat scratching posts to cat houses, cat shelves, and cat wall steps, sisal is becoming increasingly popular for cat furniture and products.

So, why do cats love sisal so much? Not only is it a strong material that is perfect for scratching, but it also provides cats with a fun and interactive surface to explore. It is also a great way to add a modern and stylish look to the home, while still providing cats with the perfect place to sharpen their claws.

For cat owners who are looking for something different, sisal provides a wide variety of cat furniture options. From cat scratchers, to cat houses, and even cat wall steps, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something minimalist and modern, or something a bit more playful and chic, sisal is a great way to provide your cats with the perfect place to play and explore.

No matter what type of cat furniture and products you are looking for, sisal is a great option. With its tough and durable texture, cats can enjoy a great sense of play and exploration, while still providing a chic and stylish look to any home.

Sisal Cat Scratchers

We are kinda obsessing over this HachiPal cat scratcher.

The unique design is super nice looking; it is sure to make your cat fall in love with the cat scratch pad! The pad features a hollow layer underneath that can be filled with cats’ favorite smells, like food or catnip. THAT is pretty kewl!

The size of the scratching board is 23.4 x 15.4 x 1.2 inches, making it suitable for cats of all ages and sizes. The HaciPal also has a fun ball toy that cats can chase, scratch and play with. The interactive toy has three wooden balls and a bell ball. When the bell ball rolls, it makes a sound that will satisfy your cat’s curiosity and interest. The cat scratcher is made of natural sisal and wood, making it durable and suitable for all home décors. Minimalists and cat lovers who have a bohemian style living space will probably flock to this one.

If you love turtles, you will love this cat scratcher!

The durable and non-toxic cat scratcher is designed in the shape of a tortoise and is made of natural woven sisal and pine, making it more durable and wear-resistant than corrugated board.

The included catnip balls and spinning ball will keep your cat entertained and help to stimulate their senses and hunting instincts.

The cat scratcher board is made of woven sisal so your cat can sharpen their claws instead of damaging your furniture.

The silicone anti-slip pad at the bottom provides stability and prevents the toy from sliding, giving your cat a safe and fun place to exercise and rest.

There is also a detachable toy featuring a feather toy and a plush toy, that hangs from the wand to attract your cat’s attention. The size of the tortoise shape cat scratcher mat is 15.75*11.42 inches, making it perfect for one or more cats. It is easy to install and is sure to provide your furry friends with hours of fun!

Sisal Cat Toys

Get your paws on this amazing box of fun for your cat!

With seven unique toys made from natural wood, elastic, and feathers, you can rest assured that your pet is safe and sound. And, these specially designed toys are made from sisal, making them incredibly durable and providing your cat with hours of playful fun!

Not to mention, the danglers are designed to keep little fingers safe from sharp claws, so you can play worry-free! Get your cat the best with this premium quality box of fun!

OH and this is obvious, but that red mixed with bohemian natural is just the right pop of color to make a stylish statement in any cat lover home!

Scratching Posts

PAWBEE on Amazon has some superb cat scratching posts, made of sisal and carpet. This is just one of the many over there, so be sure to go do some browsing of the entire cat shop.

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Sisal Cat House

This cute cat house is designed to be easily disassembled and installed without tools in a matter of seconds, and can be folded into a flat shape for easy storage and travel.

Bye-bye tools!

The roof has been upgraded from hook and loop fasteners to a zip for improved assembly.

Enclosed cat houses provide cats with safety and comfort when sleeping.

The 8*9 inch large size hole allows cats of different sizes to easily enter and exit. A plush ball hangs from the hole of the cat condo, adding to the cats’ entertainment.

The durable scratching board on the outside is made of sisal and corduroy, making it strong and durable for cats to sharpen their claws without damaging furniture.

The cat house is made of lightweight and sturdy MDF boards with a durable and waterproof Oxford material on the outside.

The enclosed space and removable sherpa sleeping mat make it comfortable and safe for cats all year round.

Concluding Purrs

Cats of all shapes and sizes love to explore and play, and sisal is an ideal material for their furniture and products. Whether you’re a cat-loving bohemian looking to add a touch of flair to your home decor, or a minimalist who appreciates the simple and durable design of sisal, cat scratchers, posts and toys made of this material are sure to please. Sisal is tough and resilient, so cats can get the most out of their furniture, while also ensuring that your home looks stylish and inviting.

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