The Kittenish Ways Of Burmese Cats That Make Them Popular Pets

Burmese Cats

The Kittenish Ways Of Burmese Cats That Make Them Popular Pets

Burmese Cats

Adorable, kitten-like, playful and loving are all characteristics that make the Burmese cat so extraordinary. Drop dead gorgeous, charismatic and energetic are also traits that can be found beside the name of any Burmese. The Burmese cat is a stunningly sleek and stalky feline that also exudes an air of elegance. With its solid and muscular build, this cat’s compact frame is complemented by its silky short coat, which adds to its overall stunning appearance.

Its large round eyes and circular paws are just a few of the cat’s attractive features, while its unexaggerated and sweet expression gives it a unique charm. With a hint of the exotic Asian breeds, the Burmese cat is a stunning addition to any household.

If you are looking into adopting a cat breed of this nature, we are unpacking the profile for your information. This post is all about the kittenish ways of Burmese cats that make them popular pets.

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The Burmese gets its unique name from none another than Burma, the largest country in Mainland Southeast Asia. This Burmese originated from Burma, so it makes purrfect sense! Much like the American Burmese cat, Burma has its own fascinating history that makes it an extraordinary part of the world.

A gentleman named Dr. Joseph C. Thompson, once a Director for the Siamese Cat Society of America, tirelessly worked to elevate this new breed of cat.

As records indicate, Dr. Thompson founded and managed a Siamese cattery in Burma and also had his home in the United States. He is responsible for creating the American Burmese cat we know today. He did this through introducing a female Burmese cat from Burma into the Western cultural in the 1930’s. 

Dr. Thompson was a U.S. Navy doctor who grew very fond of Southeast Asia. He spent time in a monastery in Tibet and was fascinated by the cats of the land. He was said to have as many as 45 cats at one time.

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Bringing this female cat named Wong Mau to his home in San Francisco, Dr. Thompson began relentlessly working to make a name for the Burmese breed in America. This highly intelligent creature named Wong Mau, with her expressive eyes and fascinating character would eventually become the catalyst for one of the most sought after cat breeds the world would ever see.

For more information on Dr. Thompson’s work on the breeding of Burmese breeds, refer to his paper, Genetics Of The Burmese Cat. By mating the female Burmese with a Siamese kitty cat breed, the new American darker coat Burma evolved. Wong Mau turned out to be the catalyst muse kitty who catapulted this new breed of cat.

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Dr. Thompson’s tenacity showed results, and eventually the Burmese cat gained recognition in the USA as a show breed. In 1936 a new show breed had been developed, the Burmese cat. His beloved breed was ready to be recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association and The International Cat Association.


Today the Burmese cat breed represents in a variety of colors including sable, platinum, blue and champagne. It should be noted that the Burmese breed requires minimal grooming making them a good pet for people who do not want a cat who sheds too much. Little grooming maintenence is one of the many reasons the Burmese cat breed is a top pick pet among cat lovers.


Physical Attributes

They tend to have a strong physique, muscular build yet shorter in length. Their silky coats are usually a deep dark brown, although they also can be silver, grey, champagne and of course sable. Their eyes are typically round, usually yellow in color and a bit more apart from each other than other cats. Their eyes and silky coats are their most distinguishing attributes. And just like all cat breeds, the Burmese kittens are adorable and so cute!


Do Burmese Cats Make Good Pets?

The short answer to this question, is absolutely! Yes, the Burmese cat makes a great pet. Since they have their own unique personality traits, understanding their needs is key in creating a happy home life. Burmese cats and kittens are nicknamed the “dog cat of breeds” because they are so loyal, friendly and affectionate towards their owner. It really is as if a Siamese (known for his “one person cat” trait) was bred with a dog. Dogs tend to be upbeat and eager to please their owner and this describes a Burmese cat well.

Burmese cats are also so happy to be inside with their owners that Burmese make good indoor cats. You don’t have to worry that they will be pacing the sliding glass door to go outside. They would almost always rather curl up next to you or follow you around like a puppy.

Ultimate Companion Cats

So to understand if a Burmese cat is ideal for you, being sure you have the time to spend playing, cuddling and giving attention to your happy feline is key. When you come home from work, you can expect your Burmese to be at the door to greet you with a smile and lots of purrs. She will be so happy you are home because she probably spent the day daydreaming of playtime with you and her favorite cat toy. Burmese cats love their owners!

Are Burmese Cats Affectionate?

Oh yes, you can expect lots of love and head rubs from your Burmese feline. He will be happy to sit in your lap until your legs fall asleep enjoying your pets and warm body. A Burmese cat will love to spend time cuddling and probably hope to sleep in your bed with you. Generally speaking, this cat breed is known for their affectionate ways.

Many Burmese cat owners describe an energetic nature even of their older mature companions. For this reason, Burmese cats are known to have kitten-like qualities well into adulthood; expressing themselves with adorable Burmese kitten pounces, kitten stances and all around kitten-like qualities.

Do Burmese Cats Play?

Burmese kitty cats love to play and will even play fetch! This is another reason they are affectionately called the “dog cat” of breeds. Playing fetch is a wonderful way to show your feline how much you live him and will burn off energy for him.

Since Burmese cats are energetic and love to play, they also make ideal family pets. Families with kids are known to be very happy with this breed as he makes a good buddy for the kids and companion for the parents.  

Once you start a playtime routine with your cat, expect him to follow you around from room to room requesting more play, more affection and as much attention as you can be persuaded to give. Make no mistake, the Burmese cat is happy to give attention right back in return; in fact, you will probably find her charming ways irresistible. Expect to give into her attention requests, and have lots of interactive toys on hand for easy access.

Since Burmese cats are energetic, playful and even kitten-like, their toys should be interactive and stimulating.

Any wand toy that has feathers is going to be a real hit for a Burmese. These wand toys are ideal because you will be involved in the playtime with your cat (which a Burmese will want) while the activity itself involves a great deal of jumping, running, pouncing and chasing.

  • Vikano Feather Teaser
  • Da Bird
  • EcoCity Cat Toy

Are Burmese Cats Good Companions?

Generally speaking, Burmese cats attach to people more than other animals. They can get along well with other pets, but it will be the people of the home they look towards for their primary companionship.

Do Burmese Cats Shed?

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Burmese cats do not shed much at all. Their coats are super silky and fur is short in nature. This makes them ideal for folks who do not want to groom daily, like a longhair cat requires. As opposed to the Maine Coon, a Burmese will require brushing on a few times a week and with short grooming periods. Just a few strokes with a soft brush should remove excess hair.

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Yes, they absolutely are making them great cats for people who suffer with allergies. In addition to being hypoallergenic, their coats literally glisten and shine. This adds to their beauty and makes it relatively easy to keep them cleaned and well groomed while enjoying a shed free home.

Indoor or Outdoor Cat?

Considering the Burmese is so attached to their owners, they make a great indoor cat. A Burmese might love to have her own catio that is attached to the house so she can sit close to her owner while basking in sunrays and gently rumbling a cats purr. Even something closer to home like a window catio might go over well with the Burmese breed.

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