The Charming Personality Of The Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Personality

The Charming Personality Of The Maine Coon Cat

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Maine Coon Personality

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds to find forever homes. As if her strikingly good looks, distinct facial features, silky fur coat and gigantic size are not enough to draw a crowd; they are super charismatic felines. This post is all about the charming personality of the Maine Coon cat that makes them wonderful pets.

 Why Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets?

Maine Coons make wonderful pets and they are known to be exceptional companions! There are a variety of reasons why so many seek to adopt these beauties, and among the most compelling is their charming personality. Having such a gentle and kind disposition makes these kitty cats ideal for families, good around children and perfect for solo owners. They tend to do well with other pets which makes transition into a multi-cat home less stressful. Maine Coons are very smart by nature so they can be trained rather easily. These are just a few reasons.

Charming Personality 

Let’s face it, all kitty cats have charming qualities. They roll on their backs to say “I trust you” tilt their cute little heads just so and give us nose taps and head bonks to greet us and say, “you are cool, I like you a lot”!

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personality Maine Coon Cat

Each cat has her very own personality, just like people. But there are general traits among certain types of cats that seem to be standard. Take for instance the Siamese cat. These kitties are knick named Chatty Cathy because they love to have vocal conversations with their owners. They are very smart and tend to be especially bonded to one human being  out of an entire family. Each one has his own peculiar ways about him, but in general these characteristics are found among all Siamese.

Just like other breeds, Maine Coons have their own unique personality traits. They are characterized and described as being big teddy bears. Maine Coon cats love to sit in your lap for hours on end while you shower them with affection. 

Snow Cats

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Since the Maine Coon is a native of Maine, he has physical attributes to handle the cold weather and…. Snow, yes lots of snow. Maine Coon cats absolutely love to frolic in the snow. Their tuft paws make great snowshoes to carry them around from snow pile to snow pile. Since they tend to get along with other cats, having a friend to play in the snow with is extra special for a Maine Coon.

So if you live in a cold climate area that get lots of snow, chances are this is your cat! Although cats love to play outside, it is important to be very cautious when allowing your feline to roam around. In addition to the normal challenges all cats have outside such as getting hit by a car, ingesting poisonous chemicals and encountering other not-so-friendly animals, Maine Coons are reported to be stolen more than any other feline. Due to their charming ways and massive size, they will attract the attention of many people but unfortunately, shady individuals too.

There are several things you can do to allow your cat outside time while reducing the chance of encountering danger. Here are a few product ideas that can help you out.

  • Harness and Leash

Some cats take to a leash and harness no problem, but most do need to be trained. It is best to start when they are young so they get use to having the harness strapped on. Once they are comfortable you can bet they will be dragging you outside on that first snowy day. As you can see little Nacho above on Instagram just loves strolling around on his leash and harness.

  • Catio

A catio is an outdoor cat enclosure that is built alongside your home. The word is a combination of patio and cat, and it is quite catchy.

Catios have become so popular that there are now actual catio builders who focus only on building catios and their businesses are quite lucrative! We browsed IG again and found some of the cutest Maine Coons on the Internet who were responsible for keeping these catio builders busy!

If you are handy and like to build, a wealth of information is on the Internet for DIY guides. Our absolute favorite is the DIY catio plans from Catiospace. Cynthia is an expert in the design of catios and has a real passion for improving the lifestyle of cats while keeping the natural habitat a bit safer. 

  • Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Outdoor pet enclosures are another trend that picked up speed through the years. The Kritter Kommunity, Kritter Kondo is of course our favorite. It sets up in less than 5 minutes, includes a shade canopy and can be attached together to create a longer walk for your feline.


There are also several other options to choose from, we’ve put a few that might work well too. Since the Maine Coon is so big in size, being sure the cat enclosure is sturdy is very important.

  • Fencing 

Fencing can prevent your kitty from leaving the yard and other predators to attack, however a fence can be climbed and some cats or coyotes can jump right over them. Be sure your fence is tall enough to deter your cat and wild predators.

Fencing does not protect against large wild birds that like to prey on smaller cats and dogs. The size of a Maine Coon should deter most birds from trying to sweep in and grab him, making tall fencing a good candidate to investigate.

  • Coyote Roller

The Coyote Roller is a rolling pipe you attach to the top of your fence. This product is brilliant! Not only is it affordable, it will keep wild animals out your cat in and it is humane. There are lots of good reviews on Amazon, give it a glance!

Good Company

Yes the Maine Coon will be good companion to you, but you will also be in good company among other Maine Coon parents. The Internet is filled with lots of information and content about Maine Coon ownership making it easy to get tips and help whenever you need it.

Maine Coons are not only one of the top popular cats in the United State, they are popular worldwide. That charming personality of a Maine Coon cat shows in numbers across the globe!

There are several clubs and groups offered all around the world if you like to mingle with other cat lovers. Here are just a few on Facebook that might be of interest.

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Cat Lovers

Only Maine Coons Rescue

Once you adopt your new Maine Coon, you will most likely naturally meet other Maine Coon parents, but if you want a good place to start, something right in your state might be nice! If that is the case, this should help; Maine Coon Clubs By State.

If you are thinking about adopting a Maine Coon, the best thing to do is talk to some owners who already have them. This will give you firsthand information about what to expect, tips they can offer for lifestyle changes you may need to adjust for and regular old fellowshipping with folks who love their pets.


Just like any other feline, this breed is most definitely trainable. Since the Maine Coon cat has a friendly nature and charming personality they love to bond with you. Creating a reward-based system for your cat will bring her joy. Cats are intelligent creatures so having a chance to show you their super smart nature is a great way to interact with them. Maine Coon cats are smart and curious so training is typically a breeze. The personality of a Maine Coon cat makes them fun to train too!

Some fun ways to bond with your kitty while teaching her something new is the high-five me, sit, rollover, how to walk on a leash and jump. If you want step-by-step instructions as a guide there are books on how to train your cat with a clicker that can help. This video can also be super helpful!

We’d love to hear your experience with this gentle giant if you have been fortunate to have one as a companion. Leave your comments, brag about your feline!

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