Poodles Like Water, But Can Poodles Swim?

Are you searching for a new puppy member for your happy and energetic family but don’t know where to begin? Wondering if a poodle puppy will fit into your lake family vacations, including jumping off docks and splashing around with the kids? This post is all about poodles liking water, and answering the question, can poodles […]

Do Poodles Get Along With Rabbits?

poodles rabbits

The short answer is, no. Although poodles look cute and petite to us humans, they are more like stalkers to a bunny rabbit.  Very few know that poodles are actually some of the best hunters out there. In fact, the breed was initially developed for hunting waterfowl. With their hunting prowess and innate mastery, it […]

Do Poodles Make Good Pets? (Toy, Miniature, Standard)

do poodles make good pets?

There are certain personality quirks that in some cases make this dog fall off the top contender list, but in most situations this is a great dog to have as a forever companion. This article is all about do poodles make good pets and I will explore the toy, miniature and standard. In short, poodles […]