This Company Is Devoted To Building Outdoor Catio Cat Enclosures In Portland, OR [2023]


For decades the concept of outdoor space for cats was often impractical for the average feline parent. But thanks to builders like The Catio Company, outdoor cat enclosures are popping up everywhere. This post is all about The Catio Company and their specialized building of feline porches, window catios, tunnels, and custom catios. Once upon […]

Scented Air Fresheners And Scented Candles: Are They Bad For Cats?

Cat air freshener

With so many toxins in so many products it is important to know which ones are truly toxic for cats. This post is all about are air fresheners bad for cats? Are scented air fresheners bad for my cat? As it turns out, most animal professionals agree, that all scented air fresheners are harmful to […]

Do Female Cats Get Along With Other Female Cats? [2023]

Female cat with cats

It is always so surprising to me to hear from friends, to see with my own eyes and to be told by cat behavior specialists that….. male cats tend to get along better than female cats do with……. any gender. This post is all about female cats getting along with female cats and with other […]

Why Does My Cat Have Smelly Breath?(Worse Than Normal) [2023]

Cat breath

Last week, Finnegan did his customary face-in-face at the crack of dawn routine. At the exact moment he exhaled, I inhaled and caught an unusually strong whiff of his foul-smelling halitosis. This is not to say that his cat breath ever smells pleasant, it does not. However, this particular morning was downright horrifying. I could […]

Delicious Cat Shaped Cookie, Bread And Cake Pans

Cornbread recipe card

This post is all about cat shaped pans and cat cookie cutters. If you have a cat lady or gent friend who adores cats and also loves to bake, have we got a line-up of interesting and thoughtful gifts for you! These pans and cat cookie cutters are a great gift for your cat loving […]

Can My Cat Be A Blood Donor?

Cat giving blood

For human beings, January is National Blood Donor month. Universal blood banks across the country and even worldwide, celebrate with massive marketing awareness campaigns. A person can give blood at anytime through a number of universal blood banks such as the Red Cross. Most people simply show up at a blood drive and are able […]

Everything You Need to Know About Calico Cats [2023]


When it comes to calico cats many owners, and even those who don’t own cats, find calicos truly fascinating. These multicolored felines often look like someone took different parts for different cats and constructed one versicolor animal. Regardless of their aesthetics and beauty, it is hard to deny a calico cat’s charming demeanor. This article […]

10 Reasons Why You Need To Attend The Catio Tour In Portland Oregon 

Can you hear the paw steps getting closer and closer? The rumbling of purrs all over Portland? That is the sound of the catio tour that you do not want to miss! This post is all about catios and the catio tour held in Portland Oregon annually. Cats are outdoor creatures, your decision to keep […]

5 Reasons Cat Lovers Need To Attend The Cat Convention At Catsbury Park

Cat lovers who attended the Catsbury Park first-ever Cat Convention love it! Catsbury Park held its first cat convention in 2018, and the event was a raging success attracting thousands of cat lovers from the U.S. and other countries. It was indeed a happy time for fans of feline as they converged at the Asbury […]