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This Company Is Devoted To Building Outdoor Catio Cat Enclosures In Portland, OR [2023]


For decades the concept of outdoor space for cats was often impractical for the average feline parent. But thanks to builders like The Catio Company, outdoor cat enclosures are popping up everywhere. This post is all about The Catio Company and their specialized building of feline porches, window catios, tunnels, and custom catios. Once upon […]

Calico Cat vs. Chimera Cat: Are They The Same?

Calico cats and Chimera cats may be mistaken for one another due to their striking and unique appearances. However, despite some similarities, they are actually quite different. Calico cats are known for their distinctive tri-color coat, while chimeric cats have two distinct fur patterns on different sides of their body. In this blog post, we […]

Bake Your Way to Adorable: Cat-Shaped Cake Tin, Cookie Cutters and Pans

Cornbread recipe card

This post is all about cat shaped cake tin, pans and cat cookie cutters. This post was edited on December 24th, 2023 If you have a cat lady or gent friend who adores cats and also loves to bake, have we got a line-up of interesting and thoughtful gifts for you! This post is all […]

Cat Allergies: Can You Live With Cats If You Are Allergic?

Cat allergies

This post was updated on January 12, 2024 The very simple answer is, it depends on you and how bad your allergies are. But now let’s assume you are determined to adopt a kitten or cat, or perhaps you already have one and are trying to manage your allergies. Read on fellow feline fanatic! As […]

Caring For A Maine Coon Cat [2023]


The verdict is in. According to this report, Maine Coons are some of the most-loved cat breeds in America. The reasons are obvious: they have stunning looks, love to play, have gentle personalities, and are cuddly. The most committed Maine Coon owner will have the happiest cat and we are giving you the juiciest Maine Coon […]

Why Do Baby Kittens Bite So Much?


This post was updated December 28th, 2023 🐱 During my time raising Finnegan from his kitten days and caring for Abigail as a young cat, I discovered the fascinating world of kitten behavior, especially their penchant for biting! 🌟 Through my experiences and deep dives into research, I’ve gathered a treasure trove of insights into […]

Cat Behaviors: What Causes Cat Zoomies?

Some cat behavior is really strange. Does your cat run through your house at lightning speed for what seems to be no apparent reason? When it comes to cat behavior, you may be wondering if these cat zoomies are something you need to worry about. I mean, after all, they’re hilarious to watch, and for […]

Gifts for Loss of Cat


SEARCHING FOR GIFTS FOR LOSS OF CAT IDEAS? Losing a beloved feline companion is an experience that can be incredibly challenging and emotionally taxing. Our cats are not just pets; they become cherished members of our families, providing us with love, comfort, and companionship. When they pass away, it’s natural to feel a profound sense […]

The Ultimate Worldwide Cat Café Directory


Cat cafés are exploding in popularity around the world, and they’ve even become so well-known that the phrase “cat café” is now a recognized term in the Oxford Dictionary of English. This is your ultimate cat café directory! Why do cat lovers enjoy cat cafes so much? People love cat cafes so much because they […]

Portable Cat Enclosure: The Perfect Fresh Air Solution For Felines [2023]


Hey, you know what’s all the rage with folks who’ve got indoor kitties? Those portable outdoor cat hangouts, catios, cat pens, and cat cribs. Cats have been itching to get their paws on some outdoor action, and humans have finally cracked the code on making it happen. So, what’s the deal, you ask? Well, this […]