Maine Coon Tips For Good Health

Maine Coon Tips For Good Health

The verdict is in. According to this report, Main Coons are some of the most-loved cat breeds in America. The reasons are obvious: they have stunning looks, love to play, have gentle personalities, and are cuddly. But, perhaps the most compelling reason why cat-lovers prefer Maine Coons is that they are friendly cats. One could […]

Why do Baby Kittens Bite So Much?

Why do Baby Kittens Bite So Much?

Biting is a normal part of a kitten’s growing up process. They bite in order to fulfill their natural feline urges. A few specific reasons kittens will bite are: Playing Teething Practicing hunting and foraging for food Socializing Weening from mother Baby kittens are cute, cuddly, and, most of all, high energy. They love to […]

Cat Behaviors: What Causes Cat Zoomies?

Some cat behavior is really strange. Does your cat run through your house at lightning speed for what seems to be no apparent reason? When it comes to cat behavior, you may be wondering if these cat zoomies are something you need to worry about. I mean, after all, they’re hilarious to watch, and for […]

Calico Cat vs. Chimera Cat: Are They The Same?

While cat breeds are abundant and each has their personalities, shapes, styles, and for some, behavior patterns, none stack up to the Calico or the Chimera. Both are unique and quite popular for cat and animal lovers and are usually thought of as being the same. While this isn’t the case, it helps to know […]

Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers That Are Really Good

cat lover gifts

Picking out the perfect gifts for cat lovers requires a little bit of thought, as well as knowing the particular requirements of each pet owner, but the payoff is getting to see your friends delighted with a surprise present that’s ideal for their home and for their feline friend.  If you have a friend who […]

The Ultimate Worldwide Cat Café Directory

Cat cafés are exploding in popularity around the world, and they’ve even become so well-known that the phrase “cat café” is now a recognized term in the Oxford Dictionary of English. This is your ultimate cat café directory! Why do cat lovers enjoy cat cafes so much? People love cat cafes so much because they […]

Why Use Cat Enclosures?

kritter kondo cat enclosure

Cat enclosures, catios, cat pens and cat houses are all the craze among owners of indoor kitty cats. Felines have been longing to spend time outside and people finally figured out ways to make it happen. So what’s the big deal? Why do cat so many people use cat enclosures?   Cat Enclosures Needed For […]

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten

Adopting a new kitten is one of the most exciting experiences for any cat lover. All kitty cats have their own one of a kind personality, unique characteristics and sometimes-even health considerations. Different considerations for different ages and types are important for the new cat owner to be aware of. Preparing your home for a […]