10 Design Ideas For Cat Owners In Small Places

cat owners in small places

Plenty of people want to own animals when they live in places that don’t offer a lot of space. Many breeds of dogs require too much space and the ability to have easy access to outside for people to rationalize having them. Some of the people that want pets when they don’t have a lot […]

8 Modern Cat Trees That Make A Major Statement

modern cat trees

This post was updated in November, 2022. Cats love to climb as it gives them a higher vantage point to view their world. Being up high is something they love. It helps them scout, prey, aids in hunting, and gives them a place to relax while soaking up the sun. Suppose you want an elevated […]

Creative Ways To Hide The Cat Litter Box

Cats are curious creatures that love to snuggle one minute but will ignore the next. They make great animal companions, and training them to use the litter box is super easy. It’s one of the best things about them and also the worst. After all, you do have a box of poop lying around in […]