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Kitten Names with Meanings: Choose the Perfect Name


Choosing a name for your new kitten can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect name that suits your furry friend. One way to narrow down your choices is by selecting kitten names with meanings. πŸ’• Kitten names can add a special touch […]

Sphynx Cat Gifts For Bald Feline Lovers


This post was updated on January 21, 2024 NEED A SPHYNX CAT GIFT FOR A CAT LOVER? You pounced in at the right time, because this post is all about SPHYNX CAT GIFT IDEAS and a list you can literally shop right from. πŸ±πŸ“‹ My team of cat friends and I have researched various hairless […]

Why Do Cat Claws Have To Be So Sharp? Murder Mittens

cat claws

Anyone who has ever had a kitty cat understands what murder mittens are. But the actual anatomy of cat claws and why they are the way there are might surprise you. This post is all about why do cat claws have to be so sharp? Murder mittens. Cats are fascinating creatures with unique physical traits […]

Arthritis In Maine Coons: Your Complete Guide For Help [2024)


Hey there, fellow feline enthusiasts! Let me tell you, Maine Coon cats have stolen my heart πŸ’–. These majestic creatures are not only some of the most loving and loyal companions you’ll ever find, but they’re also big in size and personality! As a devoted cat lover and a proud Maine Coon aficionado, I’ve delved […]

Catio Cat Enclosures: A Safe and Fun Way to Let Your Cat Enjoy the Outdoors [2024]


πŸ“•πŸ±πŸ  WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CATIO CAT ENCLOSURES? You are in the right blog post! I am covering in cat hair, this exact topic. This post is all about catio cat enclosures and The Catio Company. This post was updated on March 6th, 2024 by Lisa 🐱🏠🫢🐱🏠🫢 If you’re a cat owner looking to […]

Senior Citizen? Consider These Things When Adopting A Cat [2023]

Senior citizen with a cat on her lap

Pets can be wonderful companions for all types of people. Dogs and cats alike are bringing joy and a sense of purpose to human beings of all ages. Senior citizens are among the top groups benefiting from our furry friends. This post explores the the things to consider when adopting a pet for senior citizens. […]

Cat Allergies: Can You Live With Cats If You Are Allergic?

Cat allergies

This post was updated on January 12, 2024 The very simple answer is, it depends on you and how bad your allergies are. But now let’s assume you are determined to adopt a kitten or cat, or perhaps you already have one and are trying to manage your allergies. Read on fellow feline fanatic! As […]

How Do Cats Show Affection To Humans? Does My Cat Love Me?

cats show affection

This post was updated on December 29th, 2023 Having shared my life with feline companions like Abigail, who dashed eagerly to greet me at the door, and now with Finnegan, who takes a more composed approach, I’ve learned that cats express their love in a myriad of subtle yet powerful ways. Your feline friend might […]

The Anatomy of a Cat Tongue [2023]

cat tongue blog

The texture of a cat tongue is both rough and tender. It will be used to lick your face in affection and also for hairballs and butt-licking. It is a piece of perfected strangeness while coming with a fascinating set of features to enable a cat to groom themselves and eat prey. While most cat-owners […]

Life Cycle of a Cat: From Kitten to Senior Feline


This post was updated on April 13th, 2024 by Lisa As a cat owner, it’s important to understand the different stages of your furry friend’s life cycle. Domestic cats, like all living organisms, go through several stages in their lifetime. While many people believe that a cat’s life cycle consists of only three stages (kittenhood, […]