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Kitten Cycle: 0-6 Month Life Cycle [2024]


This post was updated by Lisa on March 22, 2024 🐾 Let’s talk about those adorable little fluffballs we call kittens! 🐱 Supporting a kitten through its different life stages is crucial for building a lifelong bond filled with purrs and snuggles. 😻 This post is all about the kitten cycle. Now, kittens aged 0-6 […]

I Love You Cat: Understanding the Feline Language of Love [2023]


Cats are more than just pets; they are family. UH-DUH, like you would be here at this blog if you didn’t already know that. I digress. This post is all about how you can tell your cat, ‘I love you cat’ so she understands and appreciates the gestures. As the number of cat owners continues […]

Holiday Cat Care Tips: Reduce Cat Stress [2023]


As cat owners, we want to ensure our feline friends are happy and comfortable, especially during the holidays when there may be changes to their routine. This post is all about holiday cat care tips and how to reduce cat stress with company. Read on to learn; If you will be traveling without your cat, […]

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten [2024]


PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR A NEW KITTEN? This post was updated on January 4th, 2024 Bringing a new kitten home is a can be a fun, yet overwhelming experience. I’ve been through it; from those first nights of restless sleep to playful days filled with curiosity. This post is all about what you need for […]