The Anatomy of A Cat Claw

The Anatomy of A Cat Claw

A cat’s claws are not like human nails even though they are both made of Keratin. The claws of cats can be extended and retracted with the aid of specialized muscles, ligaments and tendons within the body of cats. This explains why a cat’s claws are barely visible most of the time. This post is […]

The Anatomy Of Cat Whiskers

Most cat owners who know little or nothing about a cat’s anatomy and tend to regard a cat’s whiskers in the same way they regard a human’s facial hair, but contrary to what they think, a cat’s whiskers aren’t just there for the sake of beautification. This post is all about the anatomy of cat […]

The Anatomy Of A Normal Cat

anatomy of a cat

As cat owners, it’s clear we know all about our feline’s typical behavior and interests, but how much do we know about our cat’s body parts and how they are used? This post is all about the anatomy of a normal cat. Cats aren’t just the cutest pets out there, they also have a fascinating […]