5 Reasons Your Cat Sleeps So Much

5 Reasons Your Cat Sleeps So Much

Our dear feline friends can be the strangest of creatures, exhibiting weird behaviors we can’t just help but marvel at. One of these behaviors is their desire for sleep. This post is all about why your cat sleeps so much. Cats in general love to sleep and it’s something they’re very good at. If you […]

How To Keep Your Cat From Scratching You (Without Declawing)

How To Keep Your Cat From Scratching You (Without Declawing)

Cats are super adorable, but let’s face it, they can grow some pretty sharp claws! This post is all about how to keep your cat from scratching you without declawing. Remember Puss in Boots, the adorable kitty cat with the boo boo eyes? He was so sweet and innocent one minute, and the next pointed […]

Why Use Cat Enclosures?

kritter kondo cat enclosure

Cat enclosures, catios, cat pens and cat houses are all the craze among owners of indoor kitty cats. Felines have been longing to spend time outside and people finally figured out ways to make it happen. So what’s the big deal? Why do cat so many people use cat enclosures?   Cat Enclosures Needed For […]

5 Reasons Cat Lovers Need To Attend The Cat Convention At Catsbury Park

Cat lovers who attended the Catsbury Park first-ever Cat Convention love it! Catsbury Park held its first cat convention in 2018, and the event was a raging success attracting thousands of cat lovers from the U.S. and other countries. It was indeed a happy time for fans of feline as they converged at the Asbury […]

Catio Inspirations That Will Make You Build Your Own


Louie and Sampson, two Maine Coon rescues, escaped out a window and were found gallivanting in the backyard when their human came home. The two rascals now enjoy fresh air and birdwatching from the safety of a garden catio while their human enjoys peace of mind knowing they are safe from harm. If you are thinking of building catio for feline safety and […]

9 Ways To Say I Love You Cat

9 Ways You can Spoil Your Cat Rotten

Kitty cats are a part of your family, sometimes they are our BFF, our companion and even our kids. Wanting to spoil our pets rotten is a common theme, one that is growing too. This post is all about nine ways to say “I love you cat”. According to the American Pet Products Association, approximately […]

When Building Catios Is Not An Option


Catios are undoubtedly one of the best ways you can provide your kitty cat a quality life safely. A catio is an outdoor cat enclosure or “cat patio” that provides your cat safety and enrichment outdoors. This post is all about when building catios is not an option. Catios equal fresh air and sunshine to […]

5 Ways To Catatize™ Your Home for the Holiday

5 Ways To Catatize™ Your Home for the Holiday

If you are a cat momma (or papa) your kitty cat is probably getting just as spoiled as any fur baby for the holiday season. Catatizing™ your home can reflect a love for cats, give your feline some cat friendly pawliday festivity and even make your home cat safe this holiday. If you are having […]

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten

Adopting a new kitten is one of the most exciting experiences for any cat lover. All kitty cats have their own one of a kind personality, unique characteristics and sometimes-even health considerations. Different considerations for different ages and types are important for the new cat owner to be aware of. Preparing your home for a […]

Cat Themed Home Furnishings You’ll Love

How to create a home that is accented with whimsical feline friendly pillows, area rugs and art plus much more. Using cat themed home products can reflect your love for felines while accenting your home with beauty and taste. Area Rugs A fun way to brighten any room, especially your bathroom, kitchen or foyer area […]