Can A Landlord Kick You Out for Having A Pet?

can my landlord kick my out for having a pet?

You’ve moved into a new apartment with your furry best friend. It is your very first apartment, and you are giddy with excitement. You notice on the lease that you cannot have pets, but you do it anyway. You move in, with your dog (or cat). Uh-oh. Your landlord found out. Now what? Can a […]

How Do I Know if My Kitten is Teething?

kitten teething

Teething kittens tend chew excessively and may even lose their appetite especially if their gums are sore. You may find little teeth that came right out of it’s mouth and fell onto the floor, but many times a kitten will swallow it’s teeth and you will not see any at all! If you’re present when […]

Why do Baby Kittens Bite So Much?

Why do Baby Kittens Bite So Much?

Biting is a normal part of a kitten’s growing up process. They bite in order to fulfill their natural feline urges. A few specific reasons kittens will bite are: Playing Teething Practicing hunting and foraging for food Socializing Weening from mother Baby kittens are cute, cuddly, and, most of all, high energy. They love to […]

10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

adopt an older dog

Adopting an older dog makes for a very happy pet. While their time left in the world won’t be as long as you’d like, you will find that the bond you create with your senior dog is just a strong as ever. Plus, adopting an older dog comes with the privilege of getting its full […]

Calico Cat vs. Chimera Cat: Are They The Same?

While cat breeds are abundant and each has their personalities, shapes, styles, and for some, behavior patterns, none stack up to the Calico or the Chimera. Both are unique and quite popular for cat and animal lovers and are usually thought of as being the same. While this isn’t the case, it helps to know […]

The Ultimate Worldwide Cat Café Directory

Cat cafés are exploding in popularity around the world, and they’ve even become so well-known that the phrase “cat café” is now a recognized term in the Oxford Dictionary of English. This is your ultimate cat café directory! Why do cat lovers enjoy cat cafes so much? People love cat cafes so much because they […]

A Purr To Remember: Do Sphynx Cats Meow?

To meow or not to meow, that is the question. Actually, the real question is, do Sphynx cats meow? Do Sphynx Cats Meow? The answer is that hairless cats — and we’re largely talking about Sphynx here — do indeed meow, and you can find plenty of examples of delighted owners posting videos of their […]

The Second Life Cycle of a Cat: Adolescent (6-12 months)

The Second Life Cycle of a Cat: Adolescent (6-12 months)

Your cat has hit that age. This 6-12 month age is considered the second life cycle of a cat. Now your precious kitten has hit the teenage years. These “teenage” years affect them and everyone around them. If the words “crazy” or “out of control” have escaped your mouth and there are no kids in […]

The First Life Cycle of a Cat (0-6 Months Kitten)

The First Life Cycle of a Cat (0-6 Months Kitten)

Your feline companion counts on you to keep them healthy and happy throughout their life. Supporting them in every kitten stage is vital for their lifelong companionship and makes sure the bond between you both will get stronger and healthier. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t smile when they see a kitten. The first […]