Everything You Wanted To Know About Cat Paws AKA Toe Beans [2023]


If you are a kitty cat lover, a feline fanatic, a scroller of kitten insta images than you may already know that cat paws are often referred to as toe beans or jelly beans. Although paws might seem like nothing spectacular on your average animal, I believe you might indeed find that the cat paw […]

Scented Air Fresheners And Scented Candles: Are They Bad For Cats?

Cat air freshener

With so many toxins in so many products it is important to know which ones are truly toxic for cats. This post is all about are air fresheners bad for cats? Are scented air fresheners bad for my cat? As it turns out, most animal professionals agree, that all scented air fresheners are harmful to […]

Delicious Cat Shaped Cookie, Bread And Cake Pans

Cornbread recipe card

This post is all about cat shaped pans and cat cookie cutters. If you have a cat lady or gent friend who adores cats and also loves to bake, have we got a line-up of interesting and thoughtful gifts for you! These pans and cat cookie cutters are a great gift for your cat loving […]

Modern Cat Beds That Will Upgrade Your Home And Make Your Cat Happy [2023]

Modern Cat Bed

Cat beds are necessary for your kitty cat’s sleeping pleasure, but they can also be stunning pieces of furniture; if you get the right mattress! These beds have been explicitly paw-picked with the modern cat lady in mind. And don’t worry, if you are a cat daddy, you will love them too, as will your […]

Senior Citizen? Consider These Things When Adopting A Cat [2023]

Senior citizen with a cat on her lap

Pets can be wonderful companions for all types of people. Dogs and cats alike are bringing joy and a sense of purpose to human beings of all ages. Senior citizens are among the top groups benefiting from our furry friends. This post explores the the things to consider when adopting a pet for senior citizens. […]

Essential Food Tools Every Cat Lover Kitchen Needs

There is no doubt, a big beautiful kitchen outfitted with jaw-dropping cabinets and stainless steel appliances is stunning. But the kitchen utensils are the accessories that can liven up any food area and kitty cat lovers can indulge in these cute but useful tools. This post is all about essential food tools every cat lover’s […]

Cozy Pants Cat Ladies Cannot Get Enough Of

Carv lover pants etsy amazon

With the Fall season right around the corner, that total curl up on the couch with a hot beverage, favorite book and feline companion is fast approaching. I love a pair of baggy pants or harem pants to lounge around in. I have scored quite a few cute and affordable ones right on the internet. […]

Can My Cat Be A Blood Donor?

Cat giving blood

For human beings, January is National Blood Donor month. Universal blood banks across the country and even worldwide, celebrate with massive marketing awareness campaigns. A person can give blood at anytime through a number of universal blood banks such as the Red Cross. Most people simply show up at a blood drive and are able […]

Cat Allergies: Can You Live With Cats If You Are Allergic? [2023]

Cat allergies

The very simple answer is, it depends on you and how bad your allergies are. But now let’s assume you are determined to adopt a kitten or cat, or perhaps you already have one and are trying to manage your allergies. Read on fellow feline fanatic! As someone who has had three cats over the […]

Caring For A Maine Coon Cat [2023]


The verdict is in. According to this report, Maine Coons are some of the most-loved cat breeds in America. The reasons are obvious: they have stunning looks, love to play, have gentle personalities, and are cuddly. The most committed Maine Coon owner will have the happiest cat and we are giving you the juiciest Maine Coon […]