10 Modern Cat Toys You Have Got To See

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Cat’s love to play. Whether your feline best friend is a kitten or senior, playtime can almost be all the time. Between feeding time and naps, your cat is more than likely playing. It’s an outlet that both your and the cat can enjoy and strengthens the bond between you both. Playing will also keep […]

The Best And Cutest Cat Toy Your Cat Will Love(updated 2022)

There are hundreds, even thousands of great cat toys on the Internet to choose from. I have taken a pawful of top picks that my cats and I have used plus highlighted what specifically we love about them and also where you can buy one too! These are not your average feline dolls and trinkets. […]

Bored Cat: Your Cat Deserves Better Than A Life Of Boredom [2023]


Indoor cats tend to live longer than outdoor cats as they are less exposed to outdoor risks. Common outdoor risks include; diseases, predators, and accidents. However, one common challenge that indoor cat owners face is boredom. In this post we unpack the bored cat and what you can do to help improve your cat’s lifestyle. […]

Portable Cat Enclosure: The Perfect Fresh Air Solution For Felines [2023]


Portable outdoor cat enclosures, catios, cat pens and cat houses are all the craze among owners of indoor kitty cats. Felines have been longing to spend time outside and people finally figured out ways to make it happen. So what’s the big deal? This post is all about a portable cat enclosure: the perfect solution […]

9 Ways To Say I Love You Cat

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Kitty cats are a part of your family, sometimes they are our BFF, our companion and even our kids. Wanting to spoil our pets rotten is a common theme, one that is growing too. This post is all about nine ways to say “I love you cat”. According to the American Pet Products Association, approximately […]