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The Ideal Scratching Post For Cats: Cat Approved

what type of scratching posts do cats prefer?

Kitty cats need and love to scratch. This tendency is a natural instinct in all felines, including indoor cats. This post is all about the ideal scratching post for cats: cat approved. Having access to scratching apparatus is an important requirement that should be filled in order for felines and owners to enjoy a healthy […]

Best Cat Scratchers In 2023: From Budget To High-End


Cat scratchers are a hot topic among cat owners. We know our feline’s natural instinctive needs to scrape their claws down carpet, sisal, cardboard, or our favorite sofa. This post is about where to read up on the best cat scratchers for 2023. Scratching is an essential activity for cats, allowing them to stretch, sharpen their claws […]

Minimize Cat Scratches Without Declawing [2023]


Cats are super adorable, but let’s face it, they can grow some pretty sharp claws! This post is all about how to keep your cat from scratching and reduce cat scratches without declawing. Prevent cat scratches on you and your furniture with these tips. Read on to learn, how to keep cat claws dull. You […]