The Anatomy Of Cat Whiskers

A cat’s whiskers are one of her most important assets. Not only are they a beautification of the face, these unique hairlike antennae serve multiple important purposes. Understanding how your cat’s whiskers help her navigate will give you great information to provide an even more cat friendly environment for her to call home. This post […]

Veggie Cat? Why Your Cat Should Not Be Vegetarian

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The argument whether a cat should be made vegan or not is a heated one. Cat owners who are vegans can’t stand the sight of their feline friend eating meat, and so they force their cats to accept a vegetarian diet just as they have. But is this ethical or even healthy for the cat? […]

Diabetes In Cats: 5 Warning Signs(2022 Updated)

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In the last decades, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cats developing Diabetes Mellitus. This post is all about warning signs of cat diabetes. The reason for more cases of cat diabetes isn’t far-fetched. Cats nowadays are fed more of carbohydrate rich commercial foods by their owners. The disorder diabetes mellitus, […]