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A Closer Look at a Cat’s Whiskers: Unveiling Their Mystical Powers [2024]

This post was updated on April 26th, 2024 by Lisa As a cat lover and keen observer of feline behavior, I’ve often found myself fascinated by how my own cat, whisking through the house, effortlessly navigates tight corners and leaps with such precision even in dim light. What’s their secret? It’s all in the mystacial […]

Is It Possible For A Cat To Be Vegetarian?


This post was updated on January 1, 2024 WANT TO KNOW IF YOUR CAT CAN BE A VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN? You’ve pounced in the right article because I wanted to know too! Being a cat parent with three kitty cats, two who were FIV positive, I needed to know the best diet for them. I […]

Signs Of Cat Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment [2023]

diabetes cat blog

As a devoted cat owner with over two decades of experience, I’ve seen my fair share of feline health issues, and cat diabetes is a topic close to my heart. This post is all about the signs of cat diabetes. You can also learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment by reading on. While I’m […]