Top Tips For Stopping Your Cat From Eating Dog Food [2021 Updated]

cat and dog food sharing

Most people are familiar with the greedy cartoon cat Garfield who’ll eat anything you put in front of him, and then some. Unfortunately, our real life kitties can also be incredibly voracious eaters who will try to eat more than the cat food we put out for them. In homes where cats and dogs live […]

Is It Possible For A Cat To Be Vegetarian? [2023]


Many people have gone to vegetable-only diets and even vegan lifestyles. But, is it okay for cats to be veggie cats? This post unpacks the question, is it possible for a cat to be vegetarian. In this post, you’ll learn: Kritter Kommunity recommends these moist foods for cats: Wellness Pate Weruva Wellness CORE Grain-Free Let’s […]

Cat Food Taurine: What It Is and Why Your Feline Needs It [2023]

When I adopted my very cat Madison, I had no idea about cat food. I don’t think I had even heard the word taurine yet. If it was in cat food, that was news to me. However, it wouldn’t take long for me to learn about the different cat foods and ingredients felines need. This […]