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Stopping Your Cat from Eating Dog Food: Tips and Tricks[2024]


If you’re a pet owner with both cats and dogs, you may have experienced the frustration of your feline friend chowing down on your pup’s food. This post is all about stopping your cat from eating dog food.  Not only can your cat eating dog food lead to higher pet food costs, but it can […]

Is It Possible For A Cat To Be Vegetarian?


This post was updated on January 1, 2024 WANT TO KNOW IF YOUR CAT CAN BE A VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN? You’ve pounced in the right article because I wanted to know too! Being a cat parent with three kitty cats, two who were FIV positive, I needed to know the best diet for them. I […]

Cat Food Taurine: What It Is and Why Your Feline Needs It [2023]

When I adopted my very cat Madison, I had no idea about cat food. I don’t think I had even heard the word taurine yet. If it was in cat food, that was news to me. However, it wouldn’t take long for me to learn about the different cat foods and ingredients felines need. This […]