Answering Your Questions About The Sphynx Cat Personality [2023]


The Sphynx cat at or Felis catus dates way back to 1966 in Ontario, Canada. It wasn’t until 1975 that the foundation for the breed was laid for this gorgeous feline. These hairless cats are energetic and extremely playful that is good with children and even other animals. While their appearance may come off as […]

Calico Cat vs. Chimera Cat: Are They The Same?

Calico cats and Chimera cats may be mistaken for one another due to their striking and unique appearances. However, despite some similarities, they are actually quite different. Calico cats are known for their distinctive tri-color coat, while chimeric cats have two distinct fur patterns on different sides of their body. In this blog post, we […]

10 Things To Know Before Bringing Home Your New Himalayan Cat [2023]

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cat is the result of more than a decade of breeding programs aimed at producing a longhair with Siamese markings. Round-faced and snub-nosed, with large eyes, a short, sturdy body, and long, lush fur, the Himalayan cat has all the typical Persian characteristics. We at Kritter Kommunity believe in adopting over shopping. There are […]