How To Treat A Sphynx Cat With Dry Skin


Hairless kitty cats AKA Sphynx (or incorrectly spelled sphinx) cats have unique challenges and one of those challenges is dry skin. Since they are bare, this breed of cat is especially susceptible to sun and wind damage. This post is all about how to treat a Sphynx cat with dry skin.

How Do I Treat My Sphynx Cat With Dry Skin?

There are several ways to combat dry skin on a Sphynx cat. If your Sphynx is already showing signs of dry skin, start from the outside and work in. 1) Bathe your feline in a conditioning shampoo that contains oatmeal or another soothing ingredient. 2) Moisturize your feline’s skin. 3) Use a humidifier in your home especially where your Sphynx sleeps 4) Feed her food rich with Omega-3 or provide supplements. 5) Limit sun exposure and provide shade when outside.

What Can I Use To Shampoo A Sphynx Cat With Dry Skin?

Our top pick shampoo for Sphynx cats is Burt’s Bees. This shampoo is veterinarian approved, sulphate paraben free and Ph balanced.

Do not over shampoo. If your Sphynx cat shows signs of extreme dryness you should consult with a veterinarian. Shampooing your hairless cat once a week or every two weeks is the recommended amount.

What Should I Use To Moisturize My Sphynx’s Skin?

Although there are many moisturizers on the market, using coconut oil if you already have some can be a cost effective way to naturally provide your feline dry skin treatment. If you prefer moisturizer, it is best to get all natural or a product with few to no chemicals.

When choosing a moisturizer, it is recommended to use products that do not contain chemicals. Your vet can recommend something but Amazon has a very good selection to choose from too. Again, check the ingredients first, then read reviews. My rule of thumb is a product with over 100 positive reviews.

Our pick for moisturizing a Sphynx cat with dry skin is Raw Paws.

Use A Cat Friendly Humidifier

Pick a humidifier that does not require scented oils or perfumes. Using an air purifier can be a nice compliment to your humidifier. For more information on pet and air purifiers, check out our blog post “Scented Air Fresheners and Scented Candles: Are They Bad For Cats?”

If you notice your Sphynx is intrigued by the humidifier be sure to move it to a location he cannot get to. A curious cat can accidentally burn himself on the steam coming out.

Only use the humidifier when the air is dry. Too much moisture in the air can cause mold to build on walls and furniture. If you live in a dry location (like Arizona) a humidifier will be necessary. If however you live in a very warm humid region (like Houston, TX) you probably will not need want to use one. Common sense will guide you, but of course you can also check with your vet.

There are cool mist humidifiers. I prefer warm moisture. Getting a humidifier that has the ability to provide either would probably be idea.

I love this one!

It comes with a remote control and provides warm and cool mist.

Omega-3 For Cats

I recently started Finnegan on a vitamin supplement and I can say confidently, “vitamins work”!

I feel so good about his increased level of playfulness and energy (not that he needed more) that vitamin supplements made my cat essentials list for 2022.

I personally need to give Finnegan medicine and vitamins in a liquid version but they have pills, chewables and powders.

I put this list together for you. The absolute best reviews on Amazon for Omega-3.

A Sphynx Cat With Dry Skin Should Avoid Sun Exposure

All bald cats should avoid direct sun, and especially if the cat already suffers from dry skin.

Think of someone with a bald head! It will get sunburned very fast.

Your Sphynx will need sunshine but too much is very bad for him. There are ways to get him fresh air and sunshine without exposing him to sun damage.

  • Sphynx cat clothes
  • Sphynx cat sunscreen
  • Catio or cat enclosure for shade
  • Vitamin D supplements

There are so many cute and fun Sphynx cat clothes for your baldy. If you live in a warmer climate, it will be important to cover him, but nothing too heavy because he can over heat fast too.

Material that is breathable will be ideal.

I really like the Sit. Stay. Forever. sunscreen because it is toxin free and it has coconut oil, olive oil and even carrot oil! This product is water-proof and comes in a balm. It passes my review requirements with over 500 bringing their average rating to 4.5 stars.

A catio or cat enclosure can provide your feline some shade which is another good way of getting him outside but not in danger of sun damage.

As I mentioned previously, I do think the right vitamins are good for pets. If your Sphynx does not get enough sunshine he can become depressed from lack of vitamin D. Checking with your vet to see how you can supplement his diet will be helpful.

This is the exact vitamin supplement I give to my (furry) cat Finnegan and I am more than pleased. I like it because it contains vitamin D3 plus a few others.

Sphynx Cat With Dry Skin Summary

There are several ways to treat dry skin in your bald kitty cat. You will want to keep him comfortable while he gets his flaky skin back to normal. Wrapping him in a warm, moist towel prior to his moisturizing can be comforting. Being proactive with vitamin supplements and sun protection will also help prevent dry skin in the future.

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