Sphynx Cat Clothes And Accessories That Match Color Of The Year 2023 Purrfectly


Sphynx Cat Clothes And Accessories That Match Color Of The Year 2023 Purrfectly


This post is all about Sphynx cat clothes and accessories that match Moore’s 2023 color of the year.

Benjamin Moore rolled out their color of the year for 2023 and it is splendid!

Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush is fiercely dramatic while simultaneously creating a fun and cheery space.

The color can stand on its own but, put a Sphynx cat in its space and the volume gets turned up a few notches.

Imagine if these bald cuties wore matching outfits so they fit right in any room painted with Benjamin Moore’s star of the year. This post is all about Sphynx cat clothes and accessories that match 2023 color of the year.

“A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink” -Benjamin Moore

Sphynx cat clothes and raspberry blush blob

Well this part of the round up was incredibly fun! I literally could not stop ’awwwing’ with all the Sphynx cat clothes options on the internet. Pinterest offered up some pretty cute photos too.

There are all types of trends making styling a lot more flexible. I love things that ’go together’ but are not real matchy matchy myself. I tried to find stuff for all preferences and the results are dynamic!

When you are finished with this post, you may want to devour more content on Sphynx cat essentials, be sure to refer to the list I included at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy this Sphynx cat clothes and accessories round-up, I know I did!

Sphynx Cat Clothes

DENTRUN has an adorable line of Sphynx cat clothes like this kitten pullover shirt.

These little baby kitten and cat sweaters are the cutest.

Not only do they keep your baby kitten warm, these tops absorb all the oils a Sphynx cat emits onto his bald body.

Sphynx cat clothes: grey clothes for Sphynx cats

Grey goes with just about anything, and I especially like it paired with raspberry blush.

For the grey pullovers, I recommend adding a splash of raspberry blush as an accessory for a full outfit.

Perhaps a raspberry blush flower emblem can be sewn onto the shirt.

An iron on is even easier and these variety packs have a bunch of colors!

Sphynx cat sweaters pink and grey

I absolutely love this little dapper Sphynx sweater vest.

It is adorable!

I believe this sharp-dressed feline deserves his own cat house.

Using un-treated wood or even cardboard, a feline house can easily be painted with Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. Having a raspberry home to snuggle in would be pawesome for your baby Sphynx!

Navaris has a really cute cat house on Amazon for a very affordable price.

Slap two coats of raspberry blush on it, put your sphynx in his grey sweater vest, snap a few photos and you have Insta-envy. Or the purrfect holiday card!

Furhaven has a really nice kitty cat farmhouse that would look spiffy with raspberry blush trim especially if Sphynx cat clothes matched!

A word to the wise….. it is really hard for most cat lovers to leave the Furhaven store without something in the shopping cart.

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BOHO Sphynx cat clothes and accesssories

Adding brown or beige to color of the year, ‘coral tinged with pink’ will give an instant bohemian look.

These brown threads on Amazon are insanely adorable!

The hoody on this one is so stylish and will keep your Sphynx kitty cat’s ears toasty warm.

Raspberry blush cat shelves

All eyes on barkitecture this year!

What better way to proudly display your feline than with color of the year covering Barkitecture furniture!

Cat shelves are a must have with any kitty cat and the Sphynx is no different.

DIY cat shelves are pretty easy, especially if you are a handy person.

Using the color of the year, coat untreated shelves or any wood you want to use and let it dry completely.

Using an anchor system from your local hardware, attach the new cat shelves to your wall.

Your shelves will act as an outstanding backdrop for your feline. He will also love hanging out on the shelves, especially if you add some catnip, a dangly toy and a cat-friendly plant.


Cat furniture including shelves, hammocks, cat trees, condos and towers are all ways to get the color of the year incorporated with cat-friendly furniture. For cat-friendly decor, think cat art, Spynx illustrations, Sphynx cat figurines (you can paint on your own or at a pottery class) plus so much more.

Some cat decor will already come in a shade that is close to the actual color of the year. This makes it very easy to ’sprinkle’ in the new trend while showing off your love for cats.

These Sphynx cat figurines are purrfect and can go in any style living room or bedroom.

Summary Of Purrs

Several color of the years for 2023 have already rolled out including Spanish Moss by Krylon, Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore, Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards and my personal favorite so far, Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams.

Barkitecture (anything design or decor that is pet-friendly) was the new trend, now becoming the new normal. It can be a lot of fun to incorporate pet themes in our homes through building, designing and painting.

These cat-friendly design ideas are meant to spark your interest and make pet homing even more pleasurable.

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Now over to you!

Do you have a Sphynx cat? Is it fun to shop for all the cute clothing?

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