Scented Air Fresheners And Scented Candles: Are They Bad For Cats?

Cat air freshener

Scented Air Fresheners And Scented Candles: Are They Bad For Cats?


With so many toxins in so many products it is important to know which ones are truly toxic for cats. This post is all about are air fresheners bad for cats?


Are scented air fresheners bad for my cat?

As it turns out, most animal professionals agree, that all scented air fresheners are harmful to cats. This includes, most if not all of them. Something called VOCs, aka Volatile Organic Compounds, are the culprits.

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Patrick Mahaney goes onto explain that the VOCs have a high vapor pressure at room tempertaure.

According to Dr. Mahaney, one of the main offenders in the ingredient list for most air fresheners are volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. This causes these compounds to easily turn into gasses or vapors from a solid or liquid form. This transformation is called volatility. In other words, volatility is just how air fresheners are meant to behave: dissipate into the air, thereby changing it’s scent.

Dr. Mahoney

WOW, so this stinks because there is more bad news for folks who want to mask the pet odor smell in their homes with aromatic producing chemicals; scented candles are not so good either.

Are scented candles bad for my cat?

Scented candles can be very toxic for your cat, but not all candles are! There is good news for cat owners who want to use candles but not harm their pets. Soy, coconut or vegetable based wax is an alternative that will keep your cat much safer. A cat owner should still be concerned and aware of a burning flame with cats, especially young and energetic kitties.

are air fresheners bad for cats

This good mews put a skip in my step!

Although I do not burn candles much if at all, I like the idea of being able to from time to time. I also am now in tune with a new cat loving pet gift that I believe is ideal for feline fanatics. Kitty cat candles! The key is making sure the candles are soy or vegetable based.

I went onto Etsy to see what they have, and of course their are a whole bunch of candles to choose from. Now I just needed to search through which ones are safe for cats! Here are just a few I found. I will follow up with a product review if/when I put them to use because I love the idea of pet safe candles this holiday season.

Cat Shaped by ShophionaVegan/coconut$30-40.00
Pink cat pawsSoy$5.00
Meloucandles Chubby CatSoy$7-8.00

Removing Pet Odors

If candles are not an option, there are a couple other ways you can safely relieve your home, yourself and your guests of pet smells.

One of the ways to safely remove odors and leave a fresh scent behind is a pet urine cleaner. I have mentioned before on this blog, my favorite is Rocco and Roxie. (I am an affiliate of this product, but I AM NOT a sponsor) You can read more about this product and a few other contenders on How To Use Odor And Pet Stain Remover. This product sells on Amazon for less than $20.00.

Rocco & Roxie has a smell that is much more pleasant than pet odors. Some may find it too strong, but I am not one of those people.

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The other way I ’clean’ the air is an air purifier. This is a must have for any pet owner in my humble opinion. Even if you choose to use scented soy candles, removing the dust particles, cat hair and the odor before will give a clean canvas for you to work with.

An air purifier can also improve allergies, asthma and sinus challenges in both you and your cat. When I had my FIV kitty cats, I had several air purifiers to help out with their breathing challenges.

My absolute favorite is a HEPA by Germ Guardian. They are offered on Amazon for less than $100.00 each.

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to eliminate pet odor and get a fresh smell, it seems to me using an air purifier and a good cleaner is the way to go. I might use a soy candle after cleaning too, but that is just a nice bonus. The real fresh smell will come from elimination, not covering it up.

I would love to know your experience with fresheners and candles. Do you use urine cleaner and find that is enough to get the smell you prefer?

This post is all aboutare air fresheners bad for cats?

Until next time, purrs and wags.