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WONDER MIRACLE Fuzzy Deluxe Pet Beds


Wonder Miracle dog beds were designed by pet doctors and pet supply designers to create a comfortable, super plush place for your best canine buddy to rest and relax.




Cats and dogs offer a whole lot of of love and companionship.

They wag their tails to greet us when we come home, purr serenely in our laps.

They sit quietly alongside us when we’re relaxing on the sofa, and love us unconditionally. When we’re together, our worries and stresses seem to disappear. Their love is priceless and can’t be repaid.

Now, it’s time to give something back to them.

WONDER MIRACLE has invited pet doctors D.K. Evans and Senior Designer Dennis Todd from their pet supplier series to design the WONDER MIRACLE CUTIEMATE series pet products, so that cats, dogs, and bunnies can live a better life.

These products are affordable and durable, and come in a variety of colors to match any home decor.

Each pet has its own unique personality, but there are common behaviors that all share: they love to sleep, eat, play, exercise, and be close to us as part of the family. WONDER MIRACLE kept these behaviors in mind during the design process to ensure that the products are comfortable and enjoyable for them.

These deluxe dog beds are made of a plush polyester fabric that is three times warmer and more breathable than other fabrics. Features anti-skid backing and is washing machine and dryer friendly. Available in a variety of colors.


  • Materials: polyester
  • Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle



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