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Utotol Warming Orthopedic Dog Bed

Keep your furry family member happy and comfortable with the Utotol Self-Warming Pet Bed. Ideal for either dogs and cats, this bed offers a luxurious feel and an understated look that fits in easily with your existing home decor. They’ll snuggle up and stay cozy for hours on end, thanks to special heat-retaining material.




  • Material: cotton, plush faux fur
  • Pet Size: Multiple sizes to suit any sized dog or cat.
  • Care: Machine washable in cool water with mild detergent. Line dry only, dry it completely before use, reshaping if needed. Do not use bleach, do not tumble dry, and do not dry clean or iron.


Small – 27.6″ x 21.6″

Medium – 32″ x 24″

Large – 35.4″ x 27.6″

Jumbo – 33.4″ x 25.6″


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