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Under Table Cat Scratching Pole

The Under Table Cat Scratch Pole is a sleek and sturdy cat scratching post that takes up minimal space in your home. Easily adjusts to fit under most tables taking advantage of unused space. Non-slip pads on top and bottom hold the scratcher in place and prevent damage to floors. Natural seagrass rope withstands repeated scratching. A matching seagrass toy entices kitty to play and scratch!



Under Table Cat  Scratching Pole

This tension-mounted scratching post fits tables from 26.75″ to 31″ tall – just twist to adjust! Durable and made with high quality materials.


  • Works under most tables and desks
  • Sturdy so cats won’t tip it over
  • Easy to uninstall for storage or relocation
  • Natural seagrass scratching surface that cats love
  • Hanging toy entices kitty to play and scratch
  • Non-slip pads provide stability and protect floors


Benefits of the Under Table Cat Scratching Pole

1. **Ergonomic Scratching Solution:** The under-the-table cat scratcher provides a unique and ergonomic scratching solution, perfectly fitting the natural instincts of cats. With its convenient leg-secured design, it allows cats to scratch at a comfortable height, promoting healthy stretching and nail maintenance.

2. **Space-Saving Elegance:** This ingenious scratcher design tucks neatly under the table, maximizing floor space and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. Say goodbye to bulky standalone scratchers and welcome a clutter-free environment.

3. **Easy Installation and Relocation:** With effortless installation, the under-the-table cat scratcher securely attaches to the table leg, making it a breeze to set up. Plus, its hassle-free relocation ensures you can adapt its position according to your cat’s preferences or your interior layout.

4. **Stability and Durability:** Crafted with sturdy materials, this scratcher offers unbeatable stability. Your feline friend can scratch, play, and climb without causing any tipping concerns. Its durable build ensures a long-lasting scratching solution for your furry companion.

5. **Protects Furniture from Damage:** By diverting your cat’s scratching urges to the designated under-the-table scratcher, you can safeguard your furniture from claw marks and scratches. Maintain the integrity of your beloved furniture while keeping your cat happy and engaged.

6. **Promotes Emotional Well-Being:** Providing a dedicated and enticing scratching spot can significantly contribute to your cat’s emotional well-being. The under-the-table cat scratcher encourages play, relieves stress, and helps your cat feel secure in their territory.

7. **Versatile and Suitable for Various Tables:** Thanks to its adjustable and flexible design, this scratcher easily fits a variety of table leg sizes. Whether you have a dining table, coffee table, or desk, your cat can enjoy a customized scratching experience.

8. **Encourages Healthy Habits:** Regular scratching helps keep your cat’s claws in top condition, preventing overgrowth and related health issues. The under-the-table cat scratcher effectively encourages healthy scratching habits in a fun and engaging manner.

9. **Entertaining and Interactive:** Equipped with play-enhancing features, such as dangling toys or textured surfaces, this scratcher promises endless entertainment for your curious cat. The interactive elements keep them engaged and active, preventing boredom.

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10. **Convenient Cleaning and Maintenance:** Cleaning is a breeze with the under-the-table cat scratcher. Its smart design allows easy access to wipe down or vacuum, ensuring a hygienic and enjoyable scratching experience for your furry friend.

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The under the table cat scratching pole offers a multitude of benefits for both you and your beloved cat. Its ergonomic design, space-saving elegance, and easy installation make it a top-notch scratching solution.

Your furniture stays protected, while your cat enjoys a fun, stable, and engaging scratching experience. Embrace the convenience and versatility of this scratcher and give your feline companion the gift of a purr-fectly satisfying scratching spot.




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