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The Dog’s Bed Original Donut Dog Bed

If your dog paws at their bed or curls up when they sleep, they’ll love The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep which has bolsters & will make them feel less vulnerable. Curling up retains heat & is a tactic your dog’s wild ancestors used to shield their organs from predators. A bed with sides helps to satisfy this aspect of your dog’s nesting instinct & makes them feel secure.



Welcome your puppy home with luxurious vegan fur which replicates the warmth of mum’s fur & of being in a puppy pile, easing the transition to a new home. Unsurpassed comfort due to unique dual-layer base mattress cushion design – the top layer forms around your dog’s body, while the solid base pad supports your dog’s weight. Generously filled bolsters surround your dog making them feel secure while providing a comfortable headrest.


  • Materials: vegan fur
  • Pet Size: 4 sizes, suitable for pets of all sizes
  • Care: Removable cover is machine washable


Small – 23″ Diameter

Medium – 30″ Diameter

Large –  36″ Diameter

X-Large – 45″ Diameter


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