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SlowTon Donut Dog Bed

The SlowTon Donut Dog Bed is made of non-toxic soft faux fur and premium high density foam to keep your furry friends comfortable and provide maximum support. Self warming fleecy fabric keeps your kitty or doggy warmer in winter. An ideal place for your cats and dogs to rest and sleep, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep.



The donut dog bed is the ideal choice for pets who like to sleep curled up. Raised edges create a sense of security and provide head and neck support, ultra-soft fillers relieve joint and muscle pain while sleeping.


  • Material: Plush faux fur, cotton filler
  • Pet Size: Multiple sizes to suit small pets up to 30 lbs
  • Care: Machine washable


XS – 19.7 inch diameter

S – 23.6 inch diameter

M – 27.6 inch diameter


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