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Skyline Triple Cat Scratching Post

This Skyline Triple Cat Scratching Post gives your feline three different sizes to choose from. A solid base makes the product very sturdy for everyday use.


The Skyline Triple Cat Scratching Post

Offering varying lengths and heights, this scratching post makes for a robust activity piece for your feline. With one post standing at 30.5” tall, your cat can get a nice stretch! With one post standing 22” tall, your cat can sit on her hind legs and get a claw massage done (as shown in the image) and for the shortest one standing at 16.5” your cat can enjoy playing with the sisal and allowing her paws to engage with the sisal. 

Sisal is wrapped tightly around each post.

The grass base gives a nice foundation, so it is sturdy enough for even the largest pet.

Dimensions for each post, 30.5″, 22″ 16.5″

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