Skip Cat Shelf / Perch

This unique perch lets your cat feel perfectly relaxed in his or her very own loft space. Install it on a wall at a height suited to your cat’s personality, from adventurous climber to laid-back lounger. The sturdy wooden frame is topped with an ultra-soft and warm felt liner.

Optional smaller matching ‘step’ perches that you can install to help your cat access the main perch.



The Skip cat shelf is easy to install with, with the option to add matching smaller perch steps.


  • Materials: Walnut or ash frame
  • Cat Size: Suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes
  • Assembly:15 minute wall installation. instructions and materials included
  • Care:Body: wipe with a damp cloth, lint roll felt.


Large: Width: 20″ | Depth: 9″ Small: Width: 9″ | Depth: 9″


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