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Peppy Cat Scratching Post

Cats love to sharpen their claws, and this scratching post wrapped in extra-thick sisal provides a healthy and durable outlet for their scratching instincts. Our Peppy Scratching Post also includes a removable ring-shaped bed that can be used separately, and a pom-pom toy.



Peppy Cat Scratching Post

Luscious chocolate brown, this eye-candy of a crash pad, doubling as a cat scratching post attracts felines like a moth to a flame. Insanely soft and plush, this material will feel like a cloud to your cat. A toy dangles down the post to offer a batting ball. The wide cat scratching post makes stretching, clawing, digging and hugging a real treat for any size feline.


  • Materials: Plush, sisal, MDF wood
  • Pet Size: Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Assembly: Tools and instructions included

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22.75 inches W x 22.75 inches D x 35 inches H


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