MaxScratch Oversized Cat Scratcher

The MaxScratch is made with jute rope and is oversized for your cat to have lots of space. She will love clawing, stretching and scratching along this wide and tall kitty scratching post.


What kind of cat scratcher should I get?

Oversized cat scratching posts are the newest feline obsession among cat owners. The bigger column provides lots of space for your cat to claw, scratch, stretch and get a paw massage. The MaxScratch is a highly rated top pick among thousands of cat lovers.


  • 9″ diameter perch with non-slip pad on top
  • Sturdy 19″ square base prevents tipping
  • Non-slip feet on bottom protect floors & keep scratcher from sliding
  • Scratching column flips over for extended use
  • Includes extra replacement perch pad
  • Minimal assembly required, all tools included. 
  • Durable natural jute rope scratching surfacE
  • 29″ tall for extra stretch when scratching

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Base: 19″ W x 19″ L

Post: 29″ tall

Perch: 9″ W x 9″ L


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