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Luxury Cat Tree (Large) – Square Base

Our innovative Luxury Cat Tree addresses the needs of both cats and cat owners who look for a product which promotes exercise and relaxation and also adds an aesthetic value to the home. Comes in your choice of 4 leaf colors. Once on the Luxury Cat Tree, your feline friend will jump from perch to perch, hide, scratch, peek through the leaves and will lie down and relax on carpet and turf.

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $199.99.


Each Luxury Cat Tree consists of a patented artificial tree supported by a base covered with artificial turf and perches covered with carpet. We offer several models with 1 to 3 perches and a variety of sizes. Perches are designed with an entrance to allow cats to jump easily from one to another and each swivels for positioning. Silk leaves installed at the edges provide privacy and add a decorative value.


  • Material: Carpet, artificial turf, silk leaves
  • Cat Size: Suitable for cats up to 32lbs


5’ approximately height
Square Base 24”
3 Perches, with diameters of 18” ; and two of 22”


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