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Luxury Cat Tree with Leaves(Large) – Fall Foliage

Provide your feline with the ultimate cat tree with leaves; an outdoor climbing experience without ever leaving the safety and security of your living room.

This realistic cat tree provides your cat with a paradise of his very own inside your home: a place where he feels safe, secure and relaxed. As he peers out from behind the canopy of silk leaves, he will feel well-hidden—which appeals to your cat’s natural instincts to stay up high and undercover.

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Introducing the exquisite Luxury Cat Tree with Leaves – the epitome of elegance and nature-inspired design for your beloved feline companion.

Crafted meticulously, this Faux Leaf Cat Tree boasts a striking semblance to a miniature tree adorned with lifelike and realistic leaves.

The Cat Tree with Leaves stands tall as a leaf-covered cat tower, blending seamlessly into your home while offering a haven for your cat’s comfort and play.

An Artificial Foliage Cat Tree, it exudes an aura of nature indoors, providing a sanctuary for your pet.

This Tree-Like Cat Condo with Leaves redefines luxury in the world of pet furniture, combining functionality with an aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any space.

Our Nature-Inspired Cat Tree with leaves is not just a piece of furniture but an artistic creation, a testament to our commitment to feline comfort and style.

The leafy cat scratching post embedded within this masterpiece allows your cat to indulge its natural instincts while keeping your furniture safe.

With a Cat Climber adorned in foliage, your pet can explore various levels of this Greenery-Covered Cat Furniture, engaging in playful antics and finding cozy spots for relaxation.

The Leaf-Designed Cat Activity Tree is a multifunctional haven that offers both entertainment and respite for your furry friend.

Pamper your pet with this Luxury Cat Tree adorned with Fall Leaves – an embodiment of sophistication and nature’s charm seamlessly amalgamated into your home décor and your cat’s joyous playground.


  • Material: Carpet, artificial turf, silk leaves
  • Cat Size: Suitable for cats up to 32lbs

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5’ approximately height
Square Base 24”
3 Perches, with diameters of 18” ; and two of 22”


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