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Legacy Solid Pine 12″ Cat Shelf

This solid wood cat shelf is extremely sturdy and has a beautiful wood grain pattern. Each Legacy Solid Pine 12″ Cat Shelf has its own naturally unique look. We use these shelves as stepping stones for our cats to get to some of our larger pieces and as perches for our cats around the house. The 12″ shelf is meant to be mounted into one stud, with the other bracket using drywall anchors.

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The Legacy Solid Pine 12″ Cat Shelf gives your cats the vertical space that they crave and is made with pine wood. This is a great medium-sized shelf to gain height and boasts a solid, sturdy design, tested to hold 85 lbs. It is mounted using visible L-brackets. This layout comes with 1 (one) 12″ solid cat shelf with onyx-stained pine wood and cream L-brackets.


  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Materials: pine, steel



Total Width: 12″

Total Height (including brackets): 4″

Depth: 9″

Assembly Instructions

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