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Legacy 30″ Cat Bridge

Cats love to sit in a high space of their own, and the Legacy 30″ Cat Bridge allows your feline to comfortably survey its domain. This piece of cat furniture is made of unfinished pine wood and black paracord rope. Your cat can reduce stress and enjoy some exercise jumping on and off this bridge or just relax in style.



The Legacy 30″ Cat Bridge is wall-mounted to free up your floor space and made with pine wood. The hidden brackets give the furniture a floating look, and the bridge has been weight tested for 85 lbs per shelf. The Legacy 30″ Cat Bridge is designed to mount along 3 studs, spaced 16″ on-center. This item has already been built and cannot be modified.


  • Weight: 10 lbs



Total Width: 35″
Total Height: 6″
Depth: 11″

Assembly Instructions

Click here to view mounting instructions


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