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Kitty Corner Hideaway + 3 Ramps Cat Wall Climbing Package

So you say you don’t have space for a Cat Tree?? Well then try our space saving “Hanging Cat Playgrounds”. We offer many different designs and colors to choose from. Let your imagination run wild while you create the purr-fect playground for your pet.

This is a package of different components that allow you to build a climbing system for your cats. This package consists of:

  • (3) Hanging Wall Mounted Cat Shelf
  • (1) Kitty Corner Wall Mounted Hideaway



The CatsPlay Signature Line of Cat Furniture is completely made to order; you choose the color, size, and optional features.  Match your home’s decor and give your cat the gift of a solid, comfortable home to call their own.


  • Materials: solid wood, residential-grade carpeting
  • Assembly: instructions and hardware for drywall / plaster wall installation included

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Hanging Wall Mounted Cat Shelf: 8″ W x 16″, 32″, or 48″ L

Kitty Corner Wall Mounted Hideaway: 16″ L x 16″ W x 16″ H


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