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“I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have a Better Life” 11 oz. Coffee Mug

This “I WORK HARD SO MY DOG CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE” mug is the perfect gift for the person that can’t live without a pet. If you are looking for a dog lover gift you’ve come to the right spot this funny Mug for your mom, dad, coworker, or any other dog person that you appreciate. They will love to enjoy a cup of coffee on this mug while they pet their dog. You know you are a Dog mom or a Dog Dad so buy it for you and sip your favorite beverage with your furry friend



This mug features printing on both sides and is suitable for home and restaurant use. Made of 100% pure white ceramic that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Makes a great gift for dog-loving coffee addicts who will appreciate it for years to come. Holds 11 ounces of coffee, tea, or any other favorite beverage.


  • Material: Ceramic


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