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HiChen Large Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket

Can be used as a storage basket to organize your blankets, clothes, toys, etc, or as a pet basket to let your cats, dogs and other small animals sleep in. It will be the warmest home for these small animals if you put a cushion in the basket.



The novel design of the basket’s cat ears can be used as decoration, or as handles for easy lifting. The neutral color and cute cat face design of the pet basket will be a nice decoration to store your clothes, or your pets’ toys.


  • Material: Cotton rope
  • Care:  Spot wash with warm water and dry in the sun or near a radiator. Stubborn stains can be removed with a little baking soda paste and warm water. Hot water will shrink the cotton


15.7″ L×13″ W×13.4″ H


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