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Hachikitty machine washable pet bed aims to offer best sleeping experience to our furry friends, made of soft shag vegan fur and fill with double fill which is good for cats and dogs’s painful joints! The thick side design supports pet’s head and neck so that they can either snuggle down or get a deep dish cuddler. In addition, our friends may experience some anxiety when in a new setting and with unfamiliar things, a thick vegan fur bed and a quiet sleep can help them feel comfortable, warm, safe and stay healthy.



The HACHIKITTY donut dog bed, designed for dogs and cats who love to curl up. Longer and thicker shag vegan fur feels like mommy’s fur, providing our friends a secure feeling and giving them a comfy sleeping environment. This round dog bed is a warm and cozy winter gift for our four-legged loved ones


  • Materials: shag vegan fur
  • Pet Size: 2 sizes, suitable for pets up to 45 lbs
  • Care: Machine washer and dryer safe, hand washing recommended


M – 24 x 24 x 7” bed for pets up to 25lb

L – 30 x 30 x 9” bed for pets up to 45lb


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